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Movie about Wikileaks : The Fifth State

Excellent movie by the same writer of Trainspotting: Filth (2013)

Do not waste your time: Runner,Runner (2013) by Belén Delgado

Beautiful film " About time" (2013) by Belén Delgado

An O.k. Movie "Pain and Gain" (2013) by Belén Delgado

Musical Cats in Dublin by Belen Delgado

Movie recommendation: Elysium (2013) by Belen Delgado

Not good: "2 Guns" by Belén Delgado

Concert - Glen Hasard, Iveagh Gardens (2013) by Belén Delgado

Movie to avoid: Only God Forgives (2013) by Belén Delgado

Recommended Film : The Purge

Movie to Avoid .. " Life is a Breeze" (2013)

You have to love it: Monsters University (2013)

An OK film but not the best one of my life: "Now you See me" (2013)

My favorite character from Glee found dead by Belén Delgado

Good propaganda for Google: The Internship (2013) by Belén Delgado

Recommended movie " Behind the Candelabra" (2013) by Belén Delgado

Before Midnight by Belén Delgado (2013)

A movie to avoid: " World War Z" by Belén Delgado

And I went to see: "Man of Steel" (2013) by Belén Delgado

Recommended: The Great Gatsby (2013) by Belén Delgado

Excellent Film: Star Trek into the darkness (2013) by Belén Delgado

The last 3 movies I have seen - 2 of them to be avoided and the last one undecided (by Belén Delgado)

Time for a thriller: Side effects (2013)

Funny comedy: I Give it a Year (2013)

Opera Carmen (March, 2013 Board Gais theatre Dublin)

Superb Spanish film : El Cuerpo (The body) 2013

The Impossible (2012)

Beautiful: Les Misérables (2012)

The Hobbit (2012)

Very nice Kids movie: Wreck it Ralph! (2013)