Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Hobbit (2012)

Second movie of the year for us, gee I have a bit of a backlog due to have been so busy at work lately. We actually saw this film a couple of weeks ago, apologies for the delay, not even sure if it's in the cinemas anymore! We have started the year watching very long movies (next one being "Les Miserables), those that you need to go over the weekend when you are chilled-out and not in a rush. I have to admit that I have not read any of the books , so my opinion is only as a mere spectator. I love fantasy books and movies but I have mixed feelings about this film. At some stages, we were a bit bored (specially at the beginning), however some other moments we found them hilarious and exciting. The photography, the landscapes & settings are captivating; excellent make-up, clothing, effects and sound, no complaints there. All characters in the film are memorable somehow, some due to the their ugly and repugnant aspect (there are not many, that beautiful lol), others due to their personality. While watching this film a few people left in the middle of it, probably because they found it a bit too long and I agree with that. It would have been much better a bit shorter, no need for so many battles all over again with different horrible creatures  As I said before, I have mixed feelings about this film but it made me disconnect and dream in a way with all those fiction characters, which is a good thing. For example, the giant eagles that rescued them, made me feel as if I could be rescued , as well by one of them one of those days when you just want to escape!. If I recommend it? Well, not sure. You really have to like this type of fantasy films and of course, don't even bother watching it in a small screen (tv or computer), you have to see it in the big screen!! Sorry if I haven't helped much here.. one thing is clear, don't think we will go to see the other 2 films, geeeee to long to wait until they get their kingdom back!!

Very nice Kids movie: Wreck it Ralph! (2013)

And I started the year watching the first movie in Córdoba, Spain, with my niece , husband and nephew. I'm not usually into Disney cartoon movies , in general but I made the effort just to share some quality time with my niece and nephew, as I don't get many opportunities to spend time with them. We bought the essential: 2 big packages of pop corns and a few soft drinks. My nieces didn't even talk during the movie which is a good sign, don't you think?. We also enjoyed it very much. It has a very original plot: The bad guy of a video game (Ralph) who doesn't want to be bad anymore and wants to become more popular. There will be a few adventures to become a good guy. A few funny scenes such as a kind of "alcoholic anonymous" meeting but not for alcoholic but for "bad video games guys who have psychological issues" (lol) I ain't telling you anymore so that you go and see it, specially if you have kids or if you like this type of children films.

Feeling like going to see a pretty good super hero movie? Go & watch : Venom. Humble review by Belen Delgado

Year: 2018 Genre: Action/ Super Hero movie Rotten Tomatoes Score & My own: There is a big gap between the critic's scores of 3...