Monday, 30 March 2009

Andaluces por el mundo

"Andaluces por el mundo"Serie de reportajes semanal que muestra el contraste entre los immigrantes andaluces fruto de la globalización y los immigrantes que dejaron Andalucia en la época de la guerra o posguerra. Jóvenes andaluces que cómo yo cogieron su maleta y emprendieron un viaje para abrirse camino en mundo de oportunidades. Primero de formación y luego de trabajo. Me siento muy identificada con la mayoría de jóvenes andaluces que salen en este programa ya que tenemos muchas cosas en común como que echamos de menos a la familia, la comida, el clima y que muchas cosas se aprenden a apreciar desde el extranjero como el excelente sistema de salud que hay en España (público y privado), la calidad de la música de fusión flamenca que me encanta, nuestras carreteras, nuestros medios de transporte, el cielo azul a diario en mi andalucia querida..,una tostada matinal con aceite de oliva fresco y tomate rallado y como no mi canal sur del alma! el que por cierto puedo ver online gratis. Bueno el propósito de este mini artículo es recomendaros que le echéis un vistazo a algunos de los videos grabados de andaluces por el mundo, ni españoles,ni madrileños, ni aragoneses por el mundo, los andaluces los que más arte tienen!!!

en Este link aparece el programa de andaluces por el mundo en Dublín donde yo resido!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

8 years without my father

8 Jahren ohne mein Vater
8 años sin mi padre

My father taught me to be an independent woman , to fight against unfairness and to assist others when needed. He had strong values and really believed in his ideas and fought for them. He followed his will and raised 5 daughters together with my mother. 8 years without you, Dad and I feel you very close. I wish you were here and i could tell you so many things. I hope you can read from wherever you are now, the 4page-publication i sent to my family in tribute to you. Every year i´ll write to keep you alive among us. In the end, my hope is that internet gets everywhere even to the other life ,im sure you are enjoying!

I´ll share with oyu only a few words I wrote about him in Spanish, the rest is only for my family:

Una gran pérdida para todos

Fue muy duro para mí al igual que para toda la familia, hacerme a la idea de que iba a tener que vivir sin su gran apoyo .. ¿Qué iba a hacer yo sin mi padre? , me preguntaba .Su fallecimiento fue devastador para todos/as nosotros/as
A día de hoy creo que no he superado su ida de este mundo terrenal. Fui débil y preferí huir de los recuerdos y marcharme con mi maleta de 20 kilos a Alemania.No pasa un día que no me acuerde de ti, papá . Tu legado sigue vivo en la casa de la Cultura de Palma del Río y en el corazón de tu familia...

Hab dich Lieb

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Las meninas según Eduardo Arroyo

A different and modern view with a clear pop art influence of La infanta Margarita from "las Meninas" by the Spanish artist Eduardo Arroyo who left Spain in 1958 under Franco´s rule. The painting and sculpture were part of the exhibition "modern starts" in Córdoba. I ,personally, am not a big fan of the famous painting "las meninas" by Velázquez but after having seeing Arroyo´s approach i may have changed my mind! Well, i actually like his menina!!I specially like the d.n.i (identity card) of the sculpture!

Future "ruinair" security manual?

I wanted to publish this funny cartoon i received in relation to the charges "Ruinair" wants to implement when going to the toilet (i´m thinking of bringing my own toilet paper or baby nappies!). Will this image be in their security manual in the future? who knows!! for now we can only joke about it and hope this does not happen!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

orange trees in Southern Spain

For those of you who have been to Southern Spain, you may have wondered what happens to the oranges hanging on the orange trees. Orange trees that have become icons of our culture like in my city, Córdoba. Many tourists taste these oranges being unaware of their bitterness and then learn the lesson. I have always lived sorrounded by orange trees and only today ,by chance,i have bumped into the orange trees collectors and then i found out that the collected oranges are sent to U.k. so that they can produce bitter orange mermalade! If you haven´t been to Southern Spain yet, now you are warned: dont try to taste any orange hanging on a tree,if you want to know their flavour you have to go to U.k.!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Modern starts exhibtion in Córdoba (Spain)

Today i have been to this Mondern starts exhibition where very original and suggestive photographs taken by very talented Spanish photographers. Daniel Canogar´s photograph covered one wide wall due to its extensive length. Some nude bodys inbetween of cables,mobiles adn other electronic devices all messed up in what looked like a dumping site really caught my attention (see picture where onlyone part of the pciture is displayed). Joan fontcubierta´s photograph "google grama 24" with a big colourful skulk with mini printed images of our day-2-day world. These two pictures along with the one with Picasso´s bread hands (see picture) were my favourite. Capturing reality in an instant through photos help us to have a closer look at our life as a whole, life that is different according to the eyes that contemplates it.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Ron Mueck unique sculptures

I wanted to show you a unique Australian hyperrealist sculptor : Ron Mueck. The realism of his sculptures is superb, his coming exhibition will be in Japan,next April but i do hope to be able to admire his art in Europe one day.

Mueck´s sculpture look may remind you of the movie "the labyrinth" starring David Bowie (I loved that movie by the way!) for which he contributed. It´s unbeliavable the close you can get to reality through art , don´t you think?

The sculpture of the baby girl is really impressive and the one with the woman in bed or the big guy. I haven´t seen another sculptor like Mueck, have you?

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