Sunday, 30 September 2012

Horror Movie: "House at the end of the Street" (2012)

Those who know me well can tell that I'm not a big fan of watching horror movies, I'm the type of person who doesn' t like to get scared or suffer in the cinema. However, yesterday we got to the cinema and the choices were limited: 2 horror movies versus one cheesy American film, I chose the horror movie that looked less scary (the other one was: "Resident evil: Retribution" (no thank you..)). I have to say that although I did not look some times not to get scared, it didn't help because Andres jumped out of the seat a couple of times. The film itself it's not good, dialogues are poor, plot is not strong enough, the way it was directed didn't bring much, the actors.. , in general not convincing at all. All in all, we were entertained somehow, maybe because we don't usually go to see this type of movies but for those who are really into horror films, I do not recommend this one. The plot in a few lines is  a couple that were killed in a house by their daughter and their only son left, Ryan, remains living in the house where they died. New neighbours come : Jennifer Lawrence (from "Hunger games",great movie, by the way) and Elizabeth Shue (gee haven't seen them since that Tom Cruise movie years ago "Cocktail"), they hear rumours about the house next door and Ryan and then it all starts. One highlight for me: Ryan, there is something psychotic about him that I like lol. I think I'll forget about this film in a couple of weeks, nothing memorable about it..

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Beautiful movie, recommended: Ana Karenina (2012)

Atonement's British director Joe Wright surprised us positively when we went to see this film. It is beautifully done, with such a good taste.  I didn't expect to fall in love with it but I did. What a superb mixture of theatre, dance, cinema, costumes of that time & photography, I didn't want it to come to an end. It's definitely different from other versions of this Leo Tolstoy's Russian work "Anna KArenina" due to the originality of the combination of the factors I  have mentioned above. Sometimes the backstage mingles with the real personages & the story, from the stage it goes to the snowing outdoors in Russia. The 2 delicate and good-looking protagonists: Keira Knightley and Aaron Taylor-Johnson play an excellent role, their love story is so real and so difficult to handle for that time! To me , it was the first time I saw Aaron and gee, what a dude!! Jude Law's role as Ana Karenina's husband is very well portrayed, Jude does not have the looks in this one, he is barely recognizable but the beauty in his soul overcomes the lack of looks. Some of the highlights of the film for me, the aesthetic love scenes between the protagonists, the scene in the opera when the whole audience starts looking at Anna and the tragic end. It's the type of film that you want to see over and over again, of course I'll get the dvd once it's released, I recommend it 100% , one of the best films I have seen lately. Thanx Joe Wright, I love "Atonement" and now I love "Ana Karenina".

Monday, 10 September 2012

Comedy to suffer with a smile: A few best men (2012)

This British-Australian comedy had all the ingredients to make the audience laugh: A bunch of disastrous male British friends going to Australia for a stag party and then for a wedding, a crazy gay drug-dealer, a worshipped sheep, Oliva Newton John high with cocaine and funny chubby Australian actress: Rebel Wilson playing to be a lesbian just to bother her dad. I have to say that I laughed but I also suffered a lot putting myself in the bride's shoes most of the times. Yeah the plot of the film is simple, it's about a wedding of a young British guy and a young beautiful stink-rich Australian and all that happens before and during their wedding. I don't want to ruin this film, you can really see the British touch many times, it reminded me of Mr Bean's humour when you suffer watching him in difficult situations (sometimes I suffered way to much.. poor Bride!!). Andrés enjoyed the film more than I did but still I liked it. The critics gave it only a 19% versus the 69% of the audience scores in the rottentomatoes web page. If you ask me if I recommend it, well yeah, you will have a laugh even though it won't be the film of your life. Some of the highlights for me: The scene when they are trying to get the sheep back to life with the mouth-to-mouth; the scenes with the drug-dealer, all the scenes with the friend that is heartbroken because his girlfriend left him (I found him hilarious..) etc etc Of course, no need to say you have to see this film in the original version.

The moral of the story: Don't let your husband-to-be to go to a stag party and to invite his friends to his wedding, they will ruin it!!!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fiction movie: Total Recall (2012) by Belén Delgado

Remake of the 90'ies Schwarzneger movie of the same name "Total Recall" but this time with Irish hot actor Collin Farrell , Kate Beckinsale playing her wife and Jessica Biel. This 2012 version did not score the pass mark in the rottentomatoes movie page with a 47% but we actually liked the film and for us it does have a pass rate ( a 70% for me). I have not seen the Schwarzneger original film which actually has a score over 80% by the audience, I want to see it now to compare the two. The plot of the total recall is not complicated at all, there is a lof of action, chasing, jumps, fighting and a fiction story about getting an alternative life injected to experience any type of life you would have like to have. To me , this film achieved what I was looking for: To be entertained and not to think of the daily routine. I liked the modern effects and even the idea of going to the UK (representing the progress) to the colony in only a few minutes in a modern version of the London tube. The highlights for me, Kate played very well the role of the angry and energetic wife lol, she portrays the wife that every man should have (a bit of kicking if the hubby is late back home)!! When Collin returns to his real house and tries to remember. There are a lot of action scenes that I liked, specially the one in the lift or the one when they go from UK to the colony and the robots are on stand-by. If you ask Andrés he would probably tell you that his highlight was the street prostitute with the 3 tits , who also comes up in the original film, by the way. If you ask me if i recommend this film, I would say yes but always watch it in a big screen (cinema!), if you see it at home in a computer, I'm sure it loses a lot. If you are very demanding with action films, you may not like it,don't know but we liked it and Andres had actually watched the original film that I talked you about at the beginning and he still liked the 2012's version of it. I leave you with a photo of the original movie and the 2012 remake where you can see the similarities (I personally prefer Collin's looks hehehe):

and the trailer of the remake:

Monday, 3 September 2012

You will have a good laugh: The Watch (2012)

Yeah, I have to admit, I'm into this silly humorous American movies, I confess. The type of films that you know from the start that they are not going to have a complicated plot and that you are just going to laugh at the stupidity of the protagonists. Well, this is what we did, sometimes I laughed so loud and hard that I think even , Andrés was scared lol. What a better therapy that to go to the cinema to laugh with your hotdog and huge coke! The plot is simple , a group of neighbors that decide to watch the neighborhood due to one of the inhabitants being killed in unforeseen circumstances and they end up fighting against aliens. To me the 4 of them are freaking hilarious, all in their own way. Some of the highlights of the movie for me without spoling the comedy: The moments when they start taking themselves photos with the Alien (LOL,LOL) or when they shoot the allien non-stop in the store or when they start using the ball to shoot stuff and kill the cow (lol), or when they bring the kid to the police officers etc etc so many moments!! I recommend this film only if you are into this type of comedy, you know who you are when you see the trailer, I had a lot of fun, I enjoyed it so much hahahah.

Movie: Shadow dancer (2012)

I personally, I'm very interested in the topic of the IRA's times in Ireland back in the 90'ies because I live in Ireland and I'm interested in its history and in the way people lived here not so long ago. I had high expectations about this film and although I have to say that I didn't hate it, I didn't love it either. It was an o.k. film. Andrés fall asleep halfway and got bored the other half. I ,however, tried to follow the plot but still, the story did not captivate me. An ira female terrorist called Colette that started helping the police, being an informant to find future bomb attacks for the IRA planned from her natal Belfast.Have to say that Clive Owen plays an excellent role, as usual and as a highlight, I liked the beginning of the film and I did not expect the end, of course it's a very dramatic one. So we could summarize it as: It started very well, then in the middle it didn't get very exciting and the end caught you by surprise. If I recommend this film? uhm well, the answer is: Hell no.. rather save your time. I don't feel like writing more about this film. sorry. But remember to me I found it just "o.k." , I didn't hate it but to me it was not memorable, it will not be a a film I'll want to see again, no.

Feeling like going to see a pretty good super hero movie? Go & watch : Venom. Humble review by Belen Delgado

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