Monday, 3 September 2012

You will have a good laugh: The Watch (2012)

Yeah, I have to admit, I'm into this silly humorous American movies, I confess. The type of films that you know from the start that they are not going to have a complicated plot and that you are just going to laugh at the stupidity of the protagonists. Well, this is what we did, sometimes I laughed so loud and hard that I think even , Andrés was scared lol. What a better therapy that to go to the cinema to laugh with your hotdog and huge coke! The plot is simple , a group of neighbors that decide to watch the neighborhood due to one of the inhabitants being killed in unforeseen circumstances and they end up fighting against aliens. To me the 4 of them are freaking hilarious, all in their own way. Some of the highlights of the movie for me without spoling the comedy: The moments when they start taking themselves photos with the Alien (LOL,LOL) or when they shoot the allien non-stop in the store or when they start using the ball to shoot stuff and kill the cow (lol), or when they bring the kid to the police officers etc etc so many moments!! I recommend this film only if you are into this type of comedy, you know who you are when you see the trailer, I had a lot of fun, I enjoyed it so much hahahah.

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