a great rock band from Dublin "the script"

For those of you who still do not know this successful rock band from Dublin, i wanted to introduce you to the talented "the script", a trio band that stated that as kids instead of leading a trouble life they decided to focus on music. THeir debut single "we cry" was released in april 2008 and from them on their success didn´t stop them. I discovered them at a very famous cd shop in Dublin "hmv" i heard one f their songs "the man who can´t be moved" and since them i have become a fan as well! Ireland has given birth to great bands, there is live music in every corner and this is one of the things i like most from this country. If you want to see them live your next opportunity could be at the festival "oxygen " or at the U2 concert in Dublin this summer.

you can listen to their first hit :


our visit their web page:


By the way if you lok at their cd cover closely, you will see the typicl chimeneys from Dublin! they are really proud of their Irish origins!


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