Monday, 27 July 2009

Little Miss uk, parents imposing their frustrated dreams on their kids?

Yesterday on channel 4 I watched an interesting documentary on the first beauty contest for little girls in UK, U.s. Style.

I still have on my mind little aged nine Madison whose mother forced her to play part in the contest. She was actually very beautiful but you could tell that she was not enjoying it at all, her mother used her to satisfy her own amibitions. When the little Madison didn´t win her older sister,Lea, started crying with despair but not because of Madison but because she taught her her dance coreography and wanted to get some personal reward out of it all, as well,what a family!!. Poor little Madison who tried to let her mother know that she didn´t like to have so much make-up on (unnutural for a 9 year old, she looked like a little prostitue to me) and that horrible pink princess-like dress. Madison in the rehearsal didnt smile and her mother shouted at her "smile,smile" . On the day of the contest, Madison smiled all the way through ,she actually looked like a psycho kid due to her forced fake smile!!

I dont have kids but if had them i wouldn´t put them under so much stress ,what kind of values are those beauty contest kids going to acquire? that you have to be beautiful ,have fake tan,wear make-up and smile to make money and be happy? those kind of contests present beauty as a talent but who said being beuatiful is actually a talent?

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