Hable con ella

I only wanted to write a few lines to recommend an excellent movie by Almodovar "Talk to her" (hable con ella). This movie really touched me and I was so sorry for Benigno. He had true feelings for Alicia .It would have been more politically correct to judge him and say that it was horrible what he did to Alicia while she was in a comma but... I found the role of Benigno sweet in a way.. and I can´t avoid being sympathetic to him. Of course, I also loved the scene with the little man from the mute movie getting inside the woman lol if oyu watched the movie, you know what i mean lol

I was sad after the movie ended.. I wanted more and more!! I hope that Almodovar goes on making good movies as this one. Have you seen it? what did you like most? I only disliked Rosario´s role , I didn´t really believed it..


Lo vì, un poco raro pero muy bonito!
Grechen said…
la viste rara? muy Almodóvar.. viste la escena con el hombrecillo que se mete dentro de ella? jaja una de mis favoritas!
Tim said…
Wow, it sounds really good. I wish I had the opportunity to see it, but the person that lent me the DVD gave me the Spanish only copy :-)