Thursday, 17 December 2009

Callejeros en Irlanda - only in Spanish , sorry

Para aquellos que se perdieran el programa de callejeros del canal 4 sobre Irlanda, se puede ver en youtube por partes, mirad la primera a partir del minuto 4 que sale nuestro Amigo Column (algunos lo conoceréis por mis fotos del facebook y otros en persona), relaciones públicas del hotel de U2 "el Clarence" en pleno centro de Dublín en el Temple Bar.

Llevando más de 4 años residiendo en Irlanda me parece muy acertada la visión que se da en callejeros por distintos españoles o irlandesese que residen aquí como yo.

Espero que os guste!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The apprentice final, Ireland 2009

I have been following the Irish apprentice program for the last few months every Monday. 14 candidates started to compete to get the final position for 100,000 euros annually as an apprentice for the Irish millionaire Bill Cullen. Every week different business projects were presented by the contestants and every week one contestant was fired. This program was for business addicts like me that wanted to get an insight of how people work in teams within companies where competition is fierce.

MY favourite contestants were Breffny and Lucinda Kelly. To me Lucinda should have won because she has all the skills and never criticized any of the contestants and always delivered in every task. Breffny is not made for business world, very naif but such a funny guy and a good person.

Bill was very straight forwrd with his criticism regarding the contestants I was sometimes stressed thinking houw would i handle such harsh criticism (i know i´m masochistic..)

I wasn´t fond of any of the finalists but if you make me choose Steve Rayner like BIlla said had much more integrity than Stephen which muscles didn´t let him think from time to time.., he was cold like ice!!

Please even if you are not a fan have a look at the minute 7.55 from this video, something unexpected happened at the lunch of the last project for the finalists

I will miss watching the candidates every week!my husband met the other day Stephen so I hope to be lucky and meet any of the contestants in Dublin one day!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

El belén visto desde Cádiz

El belén visto desde el punto de vista de este humorista gaditano, muy bueno jajaja


Saturday, 12 December 2009

Dont miss the Worst Album Covers ever - part 2

Dont miss some of the worst cover albums ever!! which one is your favourite??They are all real!!

Millie Jackson from 1983.. , insinuating ,huh? lol

Devastatin' Dave from 1986 (my favourite!don´t you love his shirt and glasses?)

Joyce Drake from 1983 (nice hair style!!!and of course the rose gives it a special touch!)

Viva los 80ies!!! There is nothing like the 80ies!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Trip recommendation : Munich (Germany)

I should have recommended the city where I was living for more than 3 years and a half, a long time ago because it is a city you get to love and that you miss when you are no longer in there. But never is too late, so here you are!

Some sightseeing tips:

The beautiful Mariemplatz with the Rathaus (city hall) and the Frauenkirche (Women´s cathedral)
Die Viktualienmarkt - > here you can find many stands where you buy fresh food or even have a meal in a Biergarten
Die Oper
Die Hoffbräuhaus -> A living Oktoberfest atmosphere throughout the year!
Maximiliemstrasse - >one of the most exclusive shopping streets in Munich
die Universität (LMU - Metro : U6) Hauptgebäude
Die Pinakotheken (alt und neu)
Olympiazentrum and the Olympic tower (if you dont have a vertigo)- the old Olympics city within Munich now turned into a student´s neighbourhood
and of course if the weather allows it , take a stroll around one of the biggest parks in Europe : der Englischen Garten and go in direction to " der Chinesische Turm" (The Chinesse Tower)where you can have a "Bier Mass" and a "Bratwürst" -> traditinal German beer from Bayern and sausage
You can also have a traditional picnic along the river "Isaar" in the summer (beautiful!)
Schwabing -> die Wiese (where the Oktoberfest takes place in late Sept-oct ->the biggest Beer Party in the world!)

if you are going to stay longer than 3 days , you can also go to the:

Nymphenburg Palace of barroquian style with its beautiful gardens.

Neuschweinstain castle, which was the inspiration for the Dysneyland's castle, it's beautiful!! You can buy a Bayern ticket (it's cheaper), you need to travel to Füssen by train (from Munich) and from there you need to get a bus to Schwangau. Oce you are in the little town, you can either walk up the hill or take a horse carriage. I have always walked, it's not suitable for old people (or lazy ones lol) but if you are more or less fit , you will get there.

and if you are a football fan , try to watch a match at the modern Stadium "allianz Arena"

Dont leave Munich without eating a : Brezzel, Wiener Schnitzel,white sausage with sweet moustard or Schweine Braten (if you are a Vegetarian then ,no chance!)

and of course order either a : Helles or a Weiss Bier!

In relation to transportation , Munich is a very well organized city, if you buy a day ticket you should be able to use the bus, underground and trams. Check the zones for the city centre unless you are going to see a lake or a palace that maybe outside the city. The only inconvenience is the machines for the tickets that are mostly displayed in German and can be a bit complicated to understand due to the multiple options so try to buy the tickets for your stay at the train station or Airport where they will speak in English to you.

Best time of the year to go to Bayern in general is either the spring or the summer, where you can have a swim in any of the gorgeous lakes around Bayern, like the Chiemsee or Stanbergersee! Unless you want to enjoy the Xmas markets on the streets with hot wine or if you want to go to the Oktoberfest (not my liking, though.., too crowded and expensive although i love the German guys in leather trousers!).

Navidades sorprendentes! Santa Claus and the 3 wise kings exist!

English version: (Spanish version below)

Again by chance, I found this web page where I could do personalized videos from the 3 wise kings and Santa Claus with my nephews names,age and things they do well and that they need to improve. The final results are magical! You can even upload a picture of the kid you want to address the video to. I hope that my nephews and nieces like them. If I had received a video like that where the 3 wise kings say my name ,age and have a picture of me, I would believe in them forever! again the magic of the internet! (videos can only be personalized in Spanish,sorry, i dont know any English version of it)

Spanish version:

Otra vez por casualidad ,encontré esta página web donde podía personalizar un video de los 3 reyes magos o papa noel con los nombres ,edad, cosas que hacen bien y que deben mejorar de mis sobrinos de manera gratuita. El resultado final es mágico!El video incluso puede incluir una foto del niño al que se quiere dedicar el video. Espero que a mis sobrinos les guste. SI yo hubiera recibido un video como este donde los 3 reyes magos dicen mi nombre,edad e incluso tienen una foto mia, habría creido en ellos para siempre! de nuevo la magia de internet! Si quieres crear un video para alguien especial mira en:

The truth bank online! The truth makes life more interesting

I have just discovered by chance how to wind up when i need to tell the truth about something and get some honest opinions from strangers. There is an Irish web page called "the truth bank" where you can tell your truth anonymously and give your opinion on other people´s truth. Imagine how dangeorus could be if the web page´s creators will gather the i.p.s to locate the people who told a truth such as " i hate my job and/or boss" this is the most common post i have seen (none was mine, i promised!because i dont hate my job, I think that nowadays there are so many doors open on the internet to express yourself and have social connections that is such an advantage to our ancestors. I can´t imagine my grandpa writing online " i hate Franco" (the Spanish dictator )this may have lead to an online revolution! so what are you waiting for? go and check other people´s truth and leave yours!

For now check this interesting video from their web page about conceptions of a possible truth, i got a different one from the actual truth shown after the video was played:

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

My favourite objects part 3

My tabla para cortar verduras del cocina!

Hammans del Andalus - Arabic Baths in Córdoba Trip recommendation

I had the pleasure of enjoying the charm of going back in time in the Arabic Baths located close to the Cordoban Mosque in Andalucia (Spain). From 22.00 pm there is currently a a disocunt f 10% and for a bit more of thirty euros I had a traditional 15 min massage and I could enjoy the hot water,cold water, warm water, hot stone and Turkish bath for 90 minutes, enjoying the Arabic music in the backgorund and having a traditional tea inbetween each bath. Its roof with starsshaped holes where you could see the sky and its quietness, not being a tourist high season, made it much more special. I have to say that I´m not a fan of massages but the one I had with "jazmin" (Andalusian flower) oil did me good and after our Bath session I was 100% relaxed! Of course I bought a bottle of oil in their unique shop of exquisite massage oils and soaps.

If you ever go to my city, go to the Arabic baths. Take into account that it´s not easy to find a booking in high season from May to September, so check the web page first and ask for the best time when there are less people since due to its small size ,if there are many,it may not be so enjoyable.

We were lucky and there were only 7 people (including us 2).

More info can be found under:

Feeling like going to see a pretty good super hero movie? Go & watch : Venom. Humble review by Belen Delgado

Year: 2018 Genre: Action/ Super Hero movie Rotten Tomatoes Score & My own: There is a big gap between the critic's scores of 3...