Wednesday, 30 April 2008

El suelo de Viena

Una imagen del suelo de una ciudad más limpio que he visto!!dónde ?en Viena!!

A picture of the cleanest pavement I have ever seen in a city!!whrere? in Vienna!!

Ein Bild der sauberster Boden einer Stadt, den ich je gesehen habe!! wo? in Wien!!!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Movie Review: The diving bell and the butterfly

I wanted to recommend you a very beautiful and moving film that I have seen today: "le scaphandre et le papillón". It´s based on a true story about elle French magizine´s editor. A very succesful man in his early forties that suffered a brain stroke and became paralized from head to toe. He had "locked-in syndrome", he was fully aware of everything but couldnt talk or move. He communicated by blinking his left eye and wrote a book about his life since the stroke. One realizes what ephimerous life is! One day you are healthy and the following day you can´t even express yourself.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Mi ojo ,my eye, mein Auge

A different view of my eye after a long stressful working day!what does your eye look like?
Mein Auge nach einem sehr stressingen Arbeitstag! wie sieht dein Auge aus?
Una visión diferente de mi ojo después de un largo dia estresante de trabajo!cómo se ve tu ojo?

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