Sunday, 21 June 2009


Hi bloggers I want to introduce you to the Italian rock group whose one of the members used to be my flatmate, Roberto Conti in Dublin 7, in a neighbourhood called phisborough. He even burned a couple of songs from their cd in our laptop and this is their first video, i love this song "al di lá dil celo" and I wish you Roberto and your group the best of luck! you deserve it!

your biggest fans: Belén and Andrés

if you want to know more about the group ,you can find them under:

Saturday, 20 June 2009

A great video of the way the people look like in the Metro

A good friend of mine,Tati sent me this video that reminds me of my times in Munich when I used to take the underground ( U-bahn) and it was in silence, no talking and people looked very serious. I used to smile on my first days in the metro but then after years living there,in the end you look serious, as well!! and i you talk to your friend people look at you because in a way you broke the silence and quietness. The worst thing is to get used to that silence, as we did, because then you travel around the world and it´s very hard to find such a civilized and silence community!

This video is very original and shows what happens when someone breaks the normality on a metro trip! dont miss it!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Terminator 4 " Salvation"

A bit violent, video game-like movie but I have to say that I was gladly surprised (i thought it was gonna be much worse lol). Spite of being the 4th movie of the terminator series, the movie keeps you entertained and Christian Bale played an excellent role along with Sam Worthington (they are both very hot, as well by the way!). The special effects are unbeliavable if you compare them with the first 2 movies of the series! There is even also a short scene with Arnold Schwarzeneger in it lol , to me that was the best part. Terminators fans do not miss this movie even though some critics didn´t give it a good score, ignore them!! for the rest if you are not into very violent and action not go!and if you are, go to the cinema and watch it there,if you watch it from your laptop it´s not gonna be the same!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Some songs that bring me some memories from England in the 90ies

The Tamperer feat. Maya - Feel it

This 90'ies dance song reminds me of my frist summers in England 11 years ago where I was learning English, starting to taking planes and I haven´t stopped since then! This song may not be good for some but it brings memories back to me and I like it!

This song from Mouse T also brings me memories from England ,specially because I sang it loud without knowing the meaning of "horny" and I was on the streets from Poole (little town in the South coast of England) singing "i´m horny,horny,horny tonight"!

As I only knew the songs from the radio or the discos, I had to sing any song I liked to the music shop assistant , that was the only way to try to get the right single in the old tapes and take it home with me!

The last example of the single tape I took with me from England to Córdoba is this song by Tina Cousins "misterious times"

Monday, 1 June 2009

Air france flight, it could have been us..

I wanted to share with you what happened to us on our 11-hour flight from Bogotá to Paris with the company air-france. I have to say that I found translantic flights with air-france very comfi with a excellent service, a wide range of movies,games and tv shows to see on your private screen (each passanger has one) and you can always have a good French wine or anything to eat if you are hungry throughout the flight. This was my good and fair opinion of it until last time.., as you know i´m not very fond of flying specially since i became fan of the discovery channel reportage series: "air-crash investigation". Mea culpa,anyway (you learn a lot with them though!).

Well, on our flight back on the 25th of MAy 2009 we had to wait for one hour and a half until we finally took off. First, we had to wait until all passengers took their seats ,fair enough, but then, when we had our seatbealts on and the plane was moving very slowly (still on earth) the pilot said " there are some technichal issues and that we have to go back to our rest-point". At that time I thought, o.k.,they will fix whatever and then we will leave. Time started to pass vey slowly and i couldn´t be seated for longer. The black obese woman on my left-handside hardly left me space for my skinny left arm and leg. She was actually very nice and I dont have anything against obese people,dont get my wrong. The woman started to be nervous and noticed that I wasn´t feeling well either, she looked at me and said: "Hey, I´m claustrofobic and i dont like flying and now this.., are you scared? i know how you feel,if you want you can have some drops,they are very good" she said.I looked at her with a worrying look and I said "no, thank you,you are very kind". I stood up to get close to the stweardess to try to find out what was going on and I some extent. The stweardess was looking through the emergency window and said to another passenger that it seemed that there were some problems with the petrol ,he went on and said that the pilot should have seen something going on before taking off since pilots calculate exactly the amout of petrol needed for the journey. At that point, I asked for water to try to digest what I heard. I explained to my husband the situation. Then, the stweardess went on and confirmed that he had not seen something like that in a very long time ..,he was supposed to calm the tripulation down but i was getting anxious. At that moment, I decided to go back to my seat with my claustrophobic neighbour and remain ignorant of what was happening,after all ignorant people suffer less in some situations. After a long time without any news, the pilot talked and said that in 20 mins we will be taking off so i tried to fall asleep with no luck,of course. The 20 minutes passed and then the security instructions were given and we fasten our seatbealts again. The plane was going very slowly to take off so i knew they were testing something..that wasn´t normal, the speed was not increasing. Once again, i was right and the pilot said that we couldn´t take off yet and further security checks would be needed. Then, passengers started to call their families to communicate that there were some tech issues etc and I thought to myself " In Spain it´s 1 a.m., i can´t even say bye to my family if i´m gonna die! ". My claustrophobic neighbour fall asleep with the magical drops (i still dont know the content of them ,i didn´t want to ask lol but she slept all the way!) finally,after 90 minutes inside that airbus we managed to take off. It was the worst flight i have ever been on because i knew that if we ran out of petrol, there was only the ocean to land for miles and miles. There was a small storm and mild turbulence throughout the flight..oh God, I hardly slept thinking of the worse could happen. We got to Paris alive! yes! and guess what? one of the plane´s doors was out of order and we couldn´t get out of it up to 15 minutes had passed.

But this is not the end of it, when We got to DUblin, My husband told a work colleague our troubled flight and guess what? she came on a flight from Bogotá the week before on another air-france flight and they also had technical issues before taking off although they were not waiting for such a long time.

This morning at work, I have read that there was one airfrance airbus flight gone from the radar with around 228 passengers,they were going to Brazil. Another transanlatic flight.., would it be the same plane on which we were?I got goose pimple! I´m ver thankful to be here today and I´m really sorry for all the passengers on the crashed air-france flight , i do hope that they have not suffered so much.. my thoughts are with the families..

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