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Sevillanas hipotecadas, el puchero del hortelano

FEliz NAvidad!!! MErry Xmas!!!

Festival de las Luces en Lyon, Festival of Lights in Lyon

tribute to Lionel Richie


He finally esc...aped!!!!

Der Baader Meinhof Complex

Worst album covers ever

Before and After pictures

"I have a dream : an African American became the US president

Burn after Reading

al compás, flamenco show by PAco Peña

the most famous video of our neighbour in Dublin

Lipstick Jungle,the new series by the write of "Sex and the City"

Take a closer look at the picture...

121 arrests in Spain in the biggest Child Pornography operation

A Tribute to Paul Newman 1925-2008

Captain Frodo, The contorsionist, one of the best acts from "la clique"

La clique , Fringe Festival Dublin 2008

Dj Roger Sanchez

My ideal husband by OSCAR WILDE

A mi amada Belén en nuestro 4. aniversario de boda

Man on Wire movie from 2008 by James Marsh

Facebook of the future

Ryanair sálvese quién pueda..

Accidente de Avión en Barajas Madrid

the E.T. of the XXI century: Walle

To the mother f+++er who stole my husband´s wallet

one day like today i was born..

Hable con ella

El arte de traumatizar al público "Lago de los Cisnes" de Raimund Hoghe (Dublin dance festival 2006)

No more littering! Dejad de tirar basura !

"please do not touch and let me dance" Carl Cox concert review

Alpha Beat Concert

La vista desde mi ventana a la calle w. tone (Dublin)

Oxegen Festival 2008 interview

the Beginning of my carreer as a rock star in Las ramblas (Barcelona)

Kurt Tucholsky´s short story: The Flea

Irish dancers in Saint patrick´s day

Un poco de cine español: Princesas (Spanish only)

Movie review: Breakfast on Pluto

Health system in Ireland , a cry for help

El suelo de Viena

Movie Review: The diving bell and the butterfly

Mi ojo ,my eye, mein Auge

Book review: Pablo,Sangre,traición y muerte

Movie review: 3d in 2008 U2 movie

My overview of The Oscars night 2008

blue corredera con mio fratello

Movie review: El orfanato The orphanage (English only)