Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Movie review: 3d in 2008 U2 movie

Hey, last weekend we went to see the U2 3d movie. I hadn't watched a movie in 3d since i was a teenager. I watched the helmstreet terror movie part 7 (with Freddie Kruger),the glasses at that time were of such a bad quality and in red and green. The technology and effects have improved so much since then! wow!who was going to believe that i would be in 2008 watching a u2 concert in 3d in Dublin! i really enjoyed the experience with the brandnew black glasses (they look like sunglasses)! well, I have to say that, i did not enjoy when an old guy told me to be quiet when it was,actually, my friend Jose ,the one who was talking!! Jose loves talking in the cinema and we always get in trouble! lol

Anyway if you like U2 and want to have a new experience in a good cinema,go and see the U2 movie.

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