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A must see movie: The Kings Speech (2010) (now in the cinema!)

Movie Recommendation: NEDS (2010) now in the cinema!

Jane Eyre (Gate Theatre, Dublin)

Blue Valentine (2010) - Depressing movie..take tissues with you..

Glee Serie Recommendation for musical lovers and Attention they are on Tour! (in Dublin in July!)

Reportaje recomendado para los fumadores y no fumadores (Informe semanal)

Musée d'Orsay: Gérôme exhibition and some of my fav paintings ( Paris)

The Secret Millionaire (TV reportage series -Channel 4)- A must see

La verdadera identidad de los Reyes Magos seg'un el Jueves (JAJAJA)

Where to have lunch in Paris for food lovers and non-speakers of French?

A cemetery full of art and dead celebrities: Père Lachaise (Paris)

Lido Show Paris ,January 2011

Donde est'an los Fuegos artificiales? Matarile,rile,rile (Paris 2011!)