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Breaking Down (Part 1)- Twilight Saga (2011) - "Jacob: if I only could be a wolf for a day lol"

Movie Recommended: "In Time" (2011)! Loved it!! Go and see it!

Tercer salto literario de Andres Hernández:“Todo lo que podríamos haber sido tú y yo si no fuéramos tu y yo”(Albert Espinosa)

A beautiful song for a beautiful morning: Adele - Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics

Segundo Salto Literario: Mundo Amarillo de Albert Espinosa/post escrito por Andrés Hernández

My Trip Recommendation: Fuerteventura

Brilliant comedy at the Laughter Lounge Comedy Club (5th.Nov,Dublin)

My humble review of George Michael concert with the symphonic orchestra in the O2 in Dublin (3 Nov.2011) by Belén Delgado

Contagion (2011) - uff not worth it seeing it..