Sunday, 17 February 2013

Superb Spanish film : El Cuerpo (The body) 2013

Yesterday we had the privilege to see the Spanish film "El Cuerpo" as part of the Jameson International Film festival in Dublin. I knew it was going to be good but I didn't expect to love it so much! It's a thriller about a corpse that disappears from the morgue. It's a very intelligent and original film , you do not expect how is going to end, at all and all the actors for me are brilliant in it, yeah even Belén Rueda that some people hate, I loved her performance of powerful woman. José Coronado plays very well the role of the police inspector. I don't want to tell you much so that you can go and see it knowing as little as I did, otherwise it will lose the thrilling effect! At the very end of the film , we all clapped and the three of us (Andresillo, Sergio and me) scored it with a 4 (maximum score), I do hope it's one of the films with the highest scores so that it's shown in the cinemas in Dublin and you can also enjoy it! So far you have to wait!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Impossible (2012)

Excellent film directed by Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona (also director of another extraordinary film " The Orphanage") about the tragedy that happened in 2004 after a powerful Tsunami killed thousands of people in Thailand among other countries. The film tells the miraculous true story of the survival of a 5-member Spanish family while they were on holidays in one resort in Khao Lak (Thailand). Before going to see this film, I knew it was going to be dramatic but I would never have imagined that I'd cry like a baby. Yeah, the actors and the scenes really touched us, we put ourselves in the shoes of all the victims families that had to go through that horrible natural disaster. Life can change so easily in seconds if nature decides so. To me, the boy who plays , Lucas and the actress who plays, Maria (the mum) are the best ones but of course, I can't deny that Ewan Mcgregor is great , as usual, and even the other 2 small boys are very convincing. Some of the most beautiful scenes for me, when Lucas dreams of his mum being drown in the water with a terrifying dead look. Even though the film reflects a tragedy, it's very aesthetic and very well done, with a lot of respect to what actually happened. I only hope I don't have to live a drama like this never in my life, it seemed so real in the big screen (gee!). When the movie ended, Andres told me that he was specially sad because he remembered the devastating earthquake in 1999 from Armenia (Colombia) had to go through. He saw families in desperation after what happened and went there to help with his family. My thoughts with all the families. If you are interested in reading what happened to the real family you can read an article here:

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Beautiful: Les Misérables (2012)

I'm going to describe this film in a single word: Superb!!. I'm not surprised that it has been nominated for 8 oscars. All the actors, starting from the kids (e.g. little kid actor, Daniel Huttlestone, brilliant!) to the grown-ups sang excellently , well all but Russel Crowe maybe because I'm not a fan of him, I didn't love his acting nor his singing.  To me, the best in the film are Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman, they both deserve an oscar for their performance. Both of them make you feel when they sing and act. Borat's actor, Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter's roles gave the film a funny and cheeky touch, they were hilarious! Revelation but short role of Samantha Barks, also stood out for me, you really feel sorry for her. I have to admit, though, that it was a bit weird when Anne Hathaway started singing " I had a dream", I couldn't avoid thinking of Susan Boyle!!

Loads of highlights for me, one of them the song Anne H. and H. J. sang together when he was deluding about to die (upps! yeah , it's a bit dramatic...). No need to say again that this movie is to be seen in the big screen to feel the great singing and enjoy the setting of that era. It's also important that to be able to enjoy it, you need to like musicals , otherwise don't go since there is little talking and they sing to express almost everything and the film is not short!!

Ready to go back to the French revolution time ??!!

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