Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Paraguay you are next!! ueeeeee!!!!! Paraguay ahora te toca a ti!

Dont ask me why i have become so fan of football, this happens to me every time there is a world cup or European championship! The reason may be to see the best players of the world all at the same time and let´s not lie to see the last part when they exchange t-shirts at the end!!! although it´s not very hygenic, it´s beautiful to watch!!!

For whatever reason, this coming weekend it´s going to be very exciting! Argentina against my beloved German team (I hope they win,by the way!) and of course the unmissable Spain- Paraguay! With these words and the trol we found on the island of Lanzarote , I want to wish Germany and SPain the best of luck! but, but, my trol will only bring luck in the final to Spain, sorry about that!

Paraguayyyyy!! fue guay mientras duró!! Vamos a por todas!!! ueeeee

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Salt Lake City, Utah

I was sent to Utah by chance, I would have never planned to go there before, I had no special reason for it. To be honest I did not have great expectations either, I have to say that I was even a bit reluctant to go to USA but when I arrived there I was impressed by the beautiful mountains sorrounding the city and the deep silence of the airport at 21.00 pm in comparison with the loud city of Dublin where I live. It was my first time in U.S.A. and I saw everything different, the road signs,the huge American lorries, the toilet seats (very low!), the doors, even the colour of the sky and the clouds were different to me, more intense in a way, I had the same feeling regarding the green colour and the white snow on the peak of the mountains. The majestuosity of the Mormon temple and its sorroundings also blew me away , Mormon religion has a clear influence on the way SLC is ruled, you can tell by the reduced amount of shops/clubs/pubs where alcoholich drinks can be sold or the reduced amount of criminality and sense of peace all around the leaned streets of SLC. Inhabitants of SLC enjoy the nature a lot going for a barbacue or picnic on their big motorbikes or jeeps. The peculiar "Park city" is full of charm ,where you can buy from a cowboy hat to have a great meal in a cozy restaurant on the mountain served by a very professional and gentle waiter/waitress (they earn every tip they receive!). It is very popular in winter when people go skiing. All the American people I met in UTAH where very friendly and wellcoming and all the food I had was superb! The only thing I can criticize is that taxi trips were way too expensive and there was no public transportation working regularly , we saw a couple of bus stops but I never saw a proper bus ,the same regarding the tram. Last but not least, a hobby I had when I was there was the number of American flags I saw on the way, very patriotic people! I regret not having had time to see the Canion, I hope to go back once!

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