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Callejeros en Irlanda - only in Spanish , sorry

The apprentice final, Ireland 2009

El belén visto desde Cádiz

Dont miss the Worst Album Covers ever - part 2

Trip recommendation : Munich (Germany)

Navidades sorprendentes! Santa Claus and the 3 wise kings exist!

The truth bank online! The truth makes life more interesting

My favourite objects part 3

Hammans del Andalus - Arabic Baths in Córdoba Trip recommendation

Second homemade Video of Darryl Johson

Backstreet "boys "(? )back después de 17 años de carrera!/ BSB at concert after 17 years of music carreer

una serie que merece la pena"malviviendo"

Pink concert in the O2 de Dublín 15.10.2009

The magic of Facebook

Lisbon Treaty approved by a wide majority of the Irish Population after a second referendum

Signed by the box,music videos interpreted for deaf people

My favourite objects, part 2

Can´t wait to watch this movie:The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Yes to Lisbon Treaty

Bath, ciudad romana en Inglaterra - Bath a beautiful Roman city in U.k.

y llegó a Dublín el sistema público de bicicletas a lo largo de la ciudad

a beautiful movie to chill out " 500 days of summer"

So long Patrick Swayze...

My favourite objects, part 1

Chritoph Waltz the best actor in "inglorious basterds" by Tarantino

Festival de las culturas Mundial 2009: "Warsaw Village Band" y ""LES TAMBOURS DE BRAZZA"

Group recommendation alternative rock: Madina Lake

Jenga a perfect game to know if you are sober

4 weddings -> living tv show

Cocó avant chanel

a bit of humour..Michael was not so famous after all

chica ye-ye

Little Miss uk, parents imposing their frustrated dreams on their kids?

Annie, musical

The Script Announce Irish Tour

"Momentos Tenientes" canciones en otros idiomas con mensaje secreto en Español

Ne-yo concert, O2 in Dublin 7.07.09

a great rock band from Dublin "the script"

a pop legend is gone


A great video of the way the people look like in the Metro

Terminator 4 " Salvation"

Some songs that bring me some memories from England in the 90ies

Air france flight, it could have been us..

Festival de los hombre semi-desnudos en Japón

Isla coralina de San Andres, Colombia

A movie not to be missed: "Let the right one in"

My favourite cities: Viena

Las bragas más horteras que he visto en mi vida!The tackiest knickers I have ever seen!

Paddington Bear

Consejos para no agobiarse en el Hilton de una curranta en tiempos de crisis

We will rock you Musical

Pitingo a great singer

Una canción "im-presionante" de un famoso torero andalú

Andaluces por el mundo

8 years without my father