Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Humble review by Belén Delgado " Unfriended" (2015)

I did not have huge expectations about this movie but i wanted to see it since it was about the impact cyberbullying ( or at least, that's what I thought!) and this is something very close to my daily work. I have to say that it is a pity that with such powerful topic they did not use it in a clever way. Rotten Tomatoes has given this film a 62%. I'd give it a 40%, spite all i was entertained but if you ask me if I'd recommend it to anyone..uhm : NO. Let me tell you a bit more:
What is shown it´s a mixture between fiction and reality but it does have , unfortunately parts that are real. Teens can be very cruel and use social media sites and/or apps to harass other teens to lead them to suicidal thoughts, like the movie shows. It´s scary how quick a video and/or photo can become viral. In only a matter of minutes, insults and abusive comments can be posted online with all the consequences that this can have on people's lives. To sum up, this film is about a dead spirit that comes back via social media (Facebook) to take revenge on the the teens that made her commit suicide due to a video that was posted online on Youtube. Not sure who decided to make the scenes of the killings so tastelessly violent.. it could have been done much more elegantly and the moral of the story could have been remained. For those who have kids that will be teenagers once, make sure they are all aware of how to combat and report cyberbullying since the big tech companies are all well aware of it and have processes in place to take action quickly against the cyberbullies. No to cyberbulling!

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