Thursday, 27 November 2008

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Der Baader Meinhof Complex

Quería escribir unas líneas sobre la última película alemana que he visto "der Baader Meinhof Komplex"(2008). Es una lección de historia sobre el grupo terrorista RAF fundado en la alemania del Oeste por la periodista Ulrike Meinhof
a finales de los 60.
Dicho grupo nació para luchar contra el imperialismo norteamericano, protestaban contra la guerra de Vietnam o la bomba de Iroshima. La película muestra como de una manifestación pacífica en el oeste de Alemania en contra de la visita del Shá de Persia se convierte en un revuelo originado principalmente por el abuso policial. Dicha manifestación terminó con muchos manifestantes heridos,la mayoria estudiantes, y la injusta muerte de uno de ellos a manos de la policía. RAF se describía a si mismo como una guerrilla urbana, incluso se entrenaban en el oriente medio donde también conseguían las armas. Muchos civiles inocentes murieron a manos del RAF, lo que siguió con un juicio de los principales cabecillas que finalizó de una manera trágica.En cuanto el reparto, destacar el papel de Moritz Bleibtreu (de Lola Run)y de MArtina Gedeck (de otra pelícual alemana que recomiendo: "the life of others"). La película también se ve como la juventud de los 70 era mucho más inquieta y luchaba por sus ideales, hoy en día el capitalismo ha hecho a la gente joven perezosa y consumista. En fin, no os cuento más para dejaros que la veáis y decidáis por vosotros mios. A mi personalmente, me impactó mucho conocer una parte de la historia de Europa de asesinatos a sangre fria, bombas y secuestros que desconocia.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Worst album covers ever

Check out this horrible albums covers, they are real groups!!it´s no joke!!I got them from an email I got and I thought "the best ones deserve to be in my blog"

is she doing a number 2???on an album cover? uff loving it!

This is my favourite one lol which one is yours?

que me decis de los chalequitos color vino de los hombres jaja - Nice outfits!!

Before and After pictures

Yesterday, I was on the Dublin bus on my way to work reading the newspaper and an ad draw my attention, it was one of those promising to lose weight in a matter of days with some miraculous pills. I checked both pictures the one from the obese guy under a title of "before" and then I looked at the other photo on the right handside of a guy in a exagerated top physical condition who is supposed to be the same dude after having taking the marevollous pills (called "photoshop pills!!!" ). Then I thought to myself, " who can be so foul to believe they are actually the same person?"who will be the guys posing for these pictures?" they must laugh out loud when they see the ad, themselves or perhaps they feel guilty, who knows?. DO they have another job or is that their main one? All these thoughts came to my mind at around 7.35 a.m..anyway, I´d love to meet one day one of the models who poses for the picture, specially the one from the "after picture" lol. It´s a joke!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

"I have a dream : an African American became the US president

EVen one day before the elections you could see on the charity auction on eBay of a unique special U.S. presidential election dolls that not many people were bidding on Mc Cain´s doll..the highest bid was at 2.000 $ and the OBama´s doll was already at almost 8.000 $ and Sara Balin´s highest bid was even over the Obama´s one. You may think this is stupid but people manifest their views and ideas even when they buy on the internet.

What is clear is that Barack Hussein Obama II´s election on the 5th 11 2008 has been a big step ahead in history from the beginning of black slavery.

If someone would have told me 5 years ago that a black African American was going to become the president of U.S.A. I would have not believed it,would you¿

Obama won the hearts of many black, immigrants from different countries/races who did not feel had a voice in America and did not bother to vote in the past. A group of minorites that became a majority giving him the victory. It has been said that OBama may not be as experienced as Mc Mcain, this may be true but Obama has had a difficult life fighting since he was a kid and can really understand the most common issues of the working class who are the vast majority (being abandoned by his father and he diying of alcohol and drugs problems). MC Cain also had a hard life as a soldier and prisioner in the Vietnam´s war but being 72 years himself,belonging to a different generation, he could not give America the fresh and modern view Obama can. America did not want a soldier talking about defending his country.

There are many concerns about OBama´s policy on taxation for American companies and that all U.s. companies established in Ireland may move back to U.S.A, I think that these views maybe a bit precipitated and we have to give him time, time for the change that is much needed in the US politics. In case this happens, Ireland may be able to live more on his own economy or even support more the EU decissions that have not been supported in the past such as the Lisbon treaty maybe due to the U.S. support.

I only hope that Obama does not end like many other inspirational icons suchs as Kennedy or MArtin Luther King.

America has spoken, the world is multiracial and there is no room for voters like the old creepy man I saw in Euronews before the elections who said that did not vote for Obama because he did not like niggers..of course he was in favour of Mc Cain..

Friday, 7 November 2008

Burn after Reading

Last Monday after 3 attempts I managed to see the Cohen´s brothers movie "burn after reading". Spite of the fact that I was not a big fan of"Country for no men", I wanted to give the Cohen´s brothers another chance and I have to say that I dont regret it. Another reason I wanted to go to see the movie was that my supervisor did not like it at all. Then I thought to myself: "uhm it must be a good movie..". This may not be a valid reason to you but it was a valid one for me and I was actually right!

There are many aspects of the current globalized way of life that Cohen´s made fun of as the "fitness business, the automatized call centre voices until you get to a human agent, the obssesion with beauty o.p.s, the C.I.A., the online dating etc

The fitness trainer is portrayed by Brad Pitt, he is the perfect example of ignorance and stupidity. He is so funny and played it so well that you may think that he is a silly absurd guy after all! His work colleague Linda Litzke (Frances McDormand) also plays an excellent role being a bit more reasonable and sharp than her co-worker.

I loved Malkovich anger in the movie with his "fuck,fuck,fucking moron!!" and the main C.I.A. guy where they report all that is happening is hilarious as well, specially when he admits that everything makes no sense and that they should report to him when it does.

I admit that I´m not a big follower of George Clooney but he also managed to make me laugh.

This movie it´s not a typical Cohen´s one but still you can see a subtle bloody touch.

To my mind, the 90 minutes the film lasted was not enough, I was left thirsty for more witty dialogues about a Life where you mirror yourself some times.

I´m definetly going to watch it again! you haven´t seen it yet?? then go and see it!

Feeling like going to see a pretty good super hero movie? Go & watch : Venom. Humble review by Belen Delgado

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