Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Your Highness (2011) - Very funny movie!!! It will raise your spirit!

Again not my choice to see this movie, it was actually Andres the one interested, i had little expectations to be entertained and even to laugh. How wrong was I, I actually laughed louder than Andres LOL,LOL!! Rotten tomatoes audience scored it with 51, to me i would have scored it at least with 70! Within this range of funny American movies, one more time the director of Pineapple Express,David Gordon Green, did the trick! I didn't expect some of the best hilarious moments of the film like the one with the little fairies or the trophy of my favorite personage of the movie: Thadeous, a trophy of his first victory in a fight in the quest to rescue "Belladonna". Nathalie Portman is also in this film and yeah, she is everywhere this year lol , male audience will be happy when she bathes in a lake,naked (not sure if it was her real body, uhm.., i know it's pure envy !!) . The female protagonist of another great movie: "500 days of summer", Zooey Deschanel, plays the role of the kidnapped bride of the gorgeous looking : James Franco, Fabious. Both are hilarious! I liked every single character in this film! It's a good parody of all those chivalry ,adventurous films with some very original flashes. It has also some thrilling moments and it has a plot, indeed, and thread to follow, it's not one of those films like "scary movie", where there is no connection and it's full of stupidity. Of course, needless to say that you have to watch this film in English! Sit back, relax and have some fun!! If you don't laugh with this film at least once..you are a very serious,serious person who needs to laugh more!! Laughing is a good therapy and i do recommend this film in order to achieve some good entertaining moments!!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Roommate (2011)

And you are wondering now, why did Belen go to see this thriller set in a college? well,the answer is simple: it was the only movie starting at that time when we were at the cinema, there is no other special reason. We didn't even know what was about. Rotten tomatoes critics give this film a score of 4 but the audience gave it a much higher score of 39%. To be honest it was entertaining to see women in there thirties playing college girls lol. The psycho room mate is called Rebeca, gee im glad im out of college now. There is even one scene in memory of hitchock's movie "Psycho" , the famous scene of the shower with the knife;teens who may have seen this film,may not have noticed but oldies like me, get good things even out of these predictable, not-engaging, predictable American films. Other good things were the good-looking guys: the ex boyfriend of the protagonist, who only lasts 15 mins in the film, i think, he gets killed too quickly (damm it!) and then the current boyfriend, who had a bit too many wrinkles to play a college boy but i didn't mind that lol. There are a couple of lesbian scenes , so guys in the audience were entertained by this, too. So ,no don't see this movie.. i said i'd write about any film i see so that's why im writing this , take is also as a warning!! stay away from Rebeca!!!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Liberad al pato Willix con X de Mixta - No te lo pierdas!

Ja ja el mejor!! Liberad al pato Willix, que lo hace por mantener a su familia!! genial!! echarle un vistacillo!! GRacias Martire por compartir este link conmigo ,genial jaja

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

2 Irish movies : "Rewind" and "Snap"

I have the purpose this year of writing about any movie I see ,whether i like them or not so here i am writing about 2 Irish movies i have seen recently. I was not convinced by any of them but one was actually much worse than the other, here you are:

Starting with : " Rewind" geeee, what an Irish soap opera!! and of course you could predict what was going to happen. Some positive aspects of it: I liked their Irish accent and the work they do with the photography is great, playing with being out and on focus all the time. It reminded me a bit of Almodovar. Let's say it was an o.k. film but i'd have loved to have chosen a different one!! When it ended , we weren' t sure whether we liked it or not..,you know this kind of feeling. But now after thinking of the other Irish movie we went to see (see below) i think this one was actually much better.

Going on with another Irish film: "Snap" geeeeeee, this one i could only cope with it for 20 mins..,we actually left the cinema (Yeah ,this is the worse movie i have seen this year so far..). First bad sign was that there were no more people watching it ,only us, then 7 more people came and at least 3 of us eft, so only 4 people were brave enough to staty, i wonder if they managed to stay until the end. What i saw was a woman swearing all the time talking about a child that was kidnapped, they were trying to make it alternative with the camera again being out of focus but to me it was disturbing and not well done (with the other Irish movie: REwind, it was very well done). AFter 20 mins of swearing and flashbacks of a kidnapped baby, we decided to leave geeeeeeeee, what's going on with Irish movies lately??? No wonder that Irish people don't actually go and see them!! Believe me that i usually go and see Irish movies and i have seen some good ones, only with these 2 i have not been lucky..

Monday, 4 April 2011

Recommended movie: Source Code (2011)

Rotten tomatoes termometer scores this movie with an 87% (audience score) and i couldn't agree more (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/source_code/)! What a good thriller, from the beginning to end, i didn't want to move from my seat! Yeah, it may not be that original since it inspired in "back to the future" and the 90ies movie "Groundhog Day" where the protagonist wakes up and it's always the same day. In "Source code", the soldier Colter Stevens,played by Jake Gyllenhaal, has only 8 minutes to change the future and find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. I wasn't a big fan of Jake Gyllenhaal but i'm now, my respect, he played an excellent believable role and yeah, he also looks good in the movie! I happened to be in Chicago last year because of work, well i only saw the airport and i saw the city from the plane,only, and it looked beautiful, in this movie you can see the skyscrapers of Chicago. I want to go there again!!! But this time , get actually out of the airport!

Going back to the movie, people who know me well know that "back to the future" is one of my favorite 80ies movies and since then, the topic of travelling in time has always interested me. In Source code, they do not go too deep into time travel but they dealt with it in a very thrilling way and it makes you wonder if there will be a source code once. After the film ended i was thinking what would i change if i had 8 minutes to to go back and the past and then i thought that i would go back and tell my father how much i loved him.. What would you do with 8 minutes? so, go and see this film! You won't regret it!

Spanish Flamenco guitar concert, National Concert Hall (Dublin)

Last Saturday, 2nd of April, we were delighted by the sound of the Spanish guitar played by Spanish musician, Juan Martin, who comes from Malaga, Andalucia (my region). Such talent playing flamenco can only come from the South of Spain! His fingers moved so quickly that it made it look so easy, gee! Juan spoke in perfect English between each song and explained when he played at the 90 th birthday of the famous painter Picasso, who is also from Malaga and who asked him to improvise at his birthday. There was another Spanish "cantaora" (singer) from Malaga with a very clean and neat flamenco voice and 3 more musicians, one playing typical instruments from Marroco and the other two played flauta and clarinete. It was beautiful to see the mixture of the Arabic music along with classical flamenco guitar: Rumbas, bulerias and alegrias. There were 2 dancers, as well, one female who was o.k. , i wouldn't say great but o.k. but the male dancer, geeeeee he didn't feel the music, he reminded me of a Spanish comedian #chiquito de la calzada#, in the way he walked lol the Irish audience didn't notice his lack of skills but we did because we are used to seeing flamenco shows. Anyway, this male dancer, can't even remember his name, didn't make us forget talented Juan who deserved all the applauses he got! I felt back in my region, Andalucia for 3 hours ! thanx National Concert Hall!

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