Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Roommate (2011)

And you are wondering now, why did Belen go to see this thriller set in a college? well,the answer is simple: it was the only movie starting at that time when we were at the cinema, there is no other special reason. We didn't even know what was about. Rotten tomatoes critics give this film a score of 4 but the audience gave it a much higher score of 39%. To be honest it was entertaining to see women in there thirties playing college girls lol. The psycho room mate is called Rebeca, gee im glad im out of college now. There is even one scene in memory of hitchock's movie "Psycho" , the famous scene of the shower with the knife;teens who may have seen this film,may not have noticed but oldies like me, get good things even out of these predictable, not-engaging, predictable American films. Other good things were the good-looking guys: the ex boyfriend of the protagonist, who only lasts 15 mins in the film, i think, he gets killed too quickly (damm it!) and then the current boyfriend, who had a bit too many wrinkles to play a college boy but i didn't mind that lol. There are a couple of lesbian scenes , so guys in the audience were entertained by this, too. So ,no don't see this movie.. i said i'd write about any film i see so that's why im writing this , take is also as a warning!! stay away from Rebeca!!!

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