Sunday, 22 September 2013

Beautiful film " About time" (2013) by Belén Delgado

Again , I'm writing about the backlog of movies I have seen recently, I saw this a couple of weeks ago. A beautiful movie for romantics like us: "About time". It's a film about family relationships, love and fate. In very simple way, the male members of the family of Tim, have the "gift" to travel back in time to be able to live again moments they adored or moments they wanted to change.  There is a risk though , that is if you travel back in time you can for example, not meet the love of your life...or your daughter may not be born. Some of the highlights for me, when Tim and Mary met in the restaurant in the dark pretending to be blind (an experience I'd like to live once, by the way); the scenes with Tim and his father (played by fab British actor, Bill Nighy), such a healthy father-son relationship.. , it reminded me of how much i loved my father and what I'd give to live some of the moments I had with him again ; Also very endearing the connection Tim has with his little sister ; he actually tries to help her in her life; this also reminded me of the amount of times I tried to help my little sister, with the difference that she is still not listening to me.!! Of course, the relationship between Tim and Mary is so pure and just , fascinating that it does not look real (lol) (the scene about their wedding, is so epic! Specially if you live in a rainy country like Ireland, you will understand).

Don't ask me why but since I saw the film of "back to the future" in the 80ies, I have found very appealing travelling back in time, it's one of those things, I'd love to be able to do,I'm not interested in the future but more in the past! I like the way they show in this film without complication how this could actually be done. It's a way that it makes it more believable, no big effects or time machines, just yourself being in a dark place and wishing to go back.

There are definitely humour touches that reminded me of "Love Actually", "4 weddings and a Funeral" and  "Notting Hill" , the British, director touch of Richard Curtis, is definitely there! To finish off, if you liked any of the 3 films I have just mentioned, you will like this one! (Just don't worry, Hugh Grant is not in this one !!) . So yeah!! Go and see this one ! ( If you are not into romantic movies, then, don't!)

An O.k. Movie "Pain and Gain" (2013) by Belén Delgado

We saw this movie before we went on holidays to Italy but I just haven't had the time to write about it. I have to agree with the score of 50% that rottentomatoes audience gave to this film ( We got what we wanted, to be entertained by a film based on a true story with a humor touch. This is what you get, no more than that. It's unbelievable though how reality can overcome fiction!  To sum up, it's about a group of ignorant, not very intelligent gym trainers that start preparing a plan to obtain all the wealth of one rich guy that goes regularly to the gym, Kershaw. I, personally, found the role of played by Mark Whalberg the most convincing one, he is so good in it. "I'm a doer" (lol). In a way, you feel sorry for him, or at least, I did, he just wanted to live the American dream in the quick and wrong way! I think I have the Robin Hood spirit and I don't feel sorry for snobby, rich guys who are robbed, specially if you don't treat others with respect, like Kershaw. I don't want to tell you many more details about what happened.. but if you see it, you will enjoy the movie more when you remember that it's a true story!!!

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