Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Excellent movie, recommended: "Sing Street" ( 2016)

Best movie choice! I could not be wrong since I loved the director, John Carney ( you may know him from the movie "Once"). "Sing Street" is a mixture of the 80ies music & clothing with the beloved green Ireland where I lived for 11 years: Ireland! So many good memories of areas I used to walk by in Dublin and surroundings. I also have to admit that had so many pieces of clothing that they were wearing in the film! Such a beautiful story about a kid that builds a strong bond with his friends and older brother to conquer a girl through music.  So glad to hear the Dublin accent again, we even had some tears but I also laughed out so loud sometimes that I had to control myself. The scenes where the kids from the band changed their style depending on the vinyl record they listened to and the ideas they come up with for their videos .. HaHA, so funny! Some of my favorite 80ies bands can be listened to: Spandau Ballet; Duran , Duran; The Cure; Phil Collins, Depeche Mode, well actually a few of these groups, I know them because of my older sisters (e.g. The Cure or Phil Collins) . I was very lucky to have had such a rich influence based on the different bands that my 3 oldest sisters liked! I have to say that I even liked the original songs from this film and I have been listening to their soundtrack since last Saturday! If you go and see it , just tell me if you enjoyed the scene where they play at the school and the lead singer dedicates the song to the priest .. ( So cool and brave!!!).

And guess what? Rotten Tomatoes has scored this movie with a 97% ( top critics scores) and 94% (by the audience) . I couldn't agree more! Come on! Go and get your tickets!!

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