Sunday, 12 July 2015

Movie I saw recently: Andreas (2015) by Belen Delgado

I had the pleasure to see this film with my best friend, Matteo, we used to go together to the cinema a lot when I got my cinema membership card. It is the type of movie that you have to see in the big screen to live the action and effects. Yeah, you know what is going to happen next and that the Americans are going to rescue the world at the end (of course there is an American flag at the very end for those who had any doubts..). The film is basically about an earthquake taking place in the beautiful city of San Francisco, they destroyed the entire city in the film. It must have been difficult to watch for those who live there. At the end of the movie our adrenaline was high, i wanted to be rescued by a big guy like Dwayne Johnson. I have to say that I was entertained and in the best company. We laughed a lot! (and no, it was not supposed to be a comedy..).

A couple of movies I have seen: "Magic Mike XXL"& "Ted 2" by Belen Delgado

A couple of more movies I have seen:

"Magic Mike XXL" -> Well what I can say about this film, I knew it was going to be bad but I was not expecting to be bored at some parts of the movie. Channing, I love your dance moves but you are such a bad actor.. OMG. There was not much dialogue but when there was, it was bad. Anyway, I had a smile on my face when there were dance scenes of the guys, yeah, I'm simple and easy to please but I don't see those type of guys dancing as male entertainment that often. Usually the real ones as tacky and I do not find them very attractive. My favourite scene was the one in the petrol station, when one of the guys is challenged to make smile the grumpy cashier from the petrol station with his dance moves. That was funny lol. If you ask me if it's worth it to see this movie, well ,no, not really but I didn't want to miss it , so I didn't!. See below photo of my 3 favourite ones from the movie.

"Ted 2" -> I really liked the first movie and I thought I was not going to like this one, well, I actually laughed and out loud. Ted is hilarious, what a nasty Teddy Bear. I'm not going to ruin the funny scenes so that you can go and see it. Of course, TED 1 is much better but you will be entertained with this one, too.

Last movie I have seen by Belen Delgado "Amy" (2015)

I was not a big fan of Amy but of course I could recognize her talented voice and I wanted to know more about her life. I never understood why she was a drug-addict and how come people who loved her let her die like that. Well , after having seen today's documentary in the cinema about her life, I understood many things that were unclear to me. The documentary is real since it's Amy, herself, talking (real interviews and videos); her best friends, her mum, her ex-husband, her father etc. I did not realise how much is about her life in her own lyrics. The conclusion I have drawn after watching the documentary is that she was a young victim of her own life's issues with bulimia, depression, drugs, unexpected fame, the harassment of the paparazzi and meeting the love of her life, Blake, that would lead her to her death. Some people tried to take advantage of her fame ,  among those, her father , as you can see in the film, he started filming her life on St Lucia's island where she was trying to rest and recover (this can be seen in the film). This film has to be a difficult one to watch by her family , friends and biggest fans. It was difficult to watch for me, too, i cried in 2 scenes of the film, one of them was when I saw her innocence when the idol of her teens age , Tony Bennett announce her grammy award. It was so genuine.

Another beautiful moment of the movie I want to share with you , when she sang with Tony Bennett:

We all knew the sad end, it was a kind of chronicle of a death foretold. You could either love her or hate her but one thing is undeniable: She had an special gift that will never be forgotten: Her voice.

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