Movie I saw recently: Andreas (2015) by Belen Delgado

I had the pleasure to see this film with my best friend, Matteo, we used to go together to the cinema a lot when I got my cinema membership card. It is the type of movie that you have to see in the big screen to live the action and effects. Yeah, you know what is going to happen next and that the Americans are going to rescue the world at the end (of course there is an American flag at the very end for those who had any doubts..). The film is basically about an earthquake taking place in the beautiful city of San Francisco, they destroyed the entire city in the film. It must have been difficult to watch for those who live there. At the end of the movie our adrenaline was high, i wanted to be rescued by a big guy like Dwayne Johnson. I have to say that I was entertained and in the best company. We laughed a lot! (and no, it was not supposed to be a comedy..).


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