Sunday, 31 March 2013

Funny comedy: I Give it a Year (2013)

We watched this romantic comedy a couple of weeks ago but I haven´t had time to write about it yet, so here you are. The plot is simple, one couple, Nat and Josh met , clicked and fall in love but they had hardly anything in common, which leads us to the tile of the film "Give it a year". He´s a bit goofy, carefree guy and she is a career oriented and serious executive. Only after 9 months of marriage they start seeing a counselor. Meanwhile Josh´s ex'girlfriend and Nat´s successful and attractive boss will play an important part. One of the highlights for me was then Josh went to a Nat´s job party and he started getting drunk and dancing and she just pretended she didn´t know him LOL. To be honest, after only a couple of weeks, I have forgotten most of the film but one thing I remember is that we had a lot of fun and even if the plot or the end was fairly predictable, there were many scenes that made us laugh. This is why you get if you go and see this movie, nothing will happen if you don´t see it either!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Opera Carmen (March, 2013 Board Gais theatre Dublin)

Last Thursday I took my mum and husband to see the famous opera "Carmen" by Georges Biset a Russian-Irish production performed by  the Moscow state Opera in the Board Gais Energy theatre. The theatre was packed, there were only a few single empty seats. I thought I didn't know many of the songs but once you see the Opera live you realize that most of them have been part of your life, probably because my mum loves opera and she used to play opera very loud when I was a teenager. It' so beautiful to see so many opera singers singing live for the audience surrounded by Picasso abstract paintings accompanied live orchestra. I'd say that the most touching moment was when they played the famous Prelude, it was great too to be able to read the English subtitles while they sang in French. There were 3 acts with 2 intervals of 20 mins, I liked specially the scenes on the stage in the third part where they were on the mountain and they sang in the dark.As many other known operas it ends up tragically, no surprises there. To me, the best singers were the one playing the bull-fighter and Carmen. Carmen made an effort to dance Flamenco but this is definitely one thing that only Spanish-blood dancers/singers can do. Well-known Irish singer Celine Byrne playing Michaela, also sang beautifully. In a nutshell, for all Opera lovers it's a must to see Carmen once in your life, personally I think that the best Opera I have seen so far, without being an expert myself , is the Madame Butterfly.

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