Sunday, 12 May 2013

Excellent Film: Star Trek into the darkness (2013) by Belén Delgado

What an amazing film!!! The crew of the enterprise takes you to a different dimension, always being faithful to the original series. I personally have a strong link to Star Trek because people used to say that my father looked similar to Spock. Even the original Spock (actor, Leonard Nimoy) has a short scene in the film. I found it fascinating, very original with great effects. I loved the way London will look in the future according to this film, I could definitely see it like that. The mixture between humans and not humans and different planets. I even found the fights they had elegant and not too over the top. My favorite character is definitely the bad guy, Kahn, played by superb British actor Benedict Cumberbatch (I usually find the bad guys the most interesting characters in a film!). The way he looks and the way he talks, it is just what a bad guys in a science'fiction movies should  look like!!! No disrespect to Zachary Quinto playing the XXIth Spock but I do not think he is to the level of the original Spock, although he tries hard and I still loved the movie! Chris Pine also plays an excellent role as the captain of the crew. Star Trek into the Darkness, made me disconnect and be transported to another world, i truly enjoyed it and it even had a comedy touch!  . I do hope there are many more Start Trek films to come!!! The audience in rottentomaotes score it with a 99% for me it´s a 100%!! My husband also loved it.  I don´t want to reveal any more details so , go and see it!

I leave you with a video I found of the original Spock:

The last 3 movies I have seen - 2 of them to be avoided and the last one undecided (by Belén Delgado)

I have a backlog of movies that I have seen so far, so I´m going to summarize 3 in this post. The first one being :

21 and Over - From time to time we like to go and see one stupid American movie not to think much bit with this one, really, not even without the thinking, it didn´t even make me laugh. It was full of cliches and even discriminatory comments about foreigners living in U.S.A. Such as the way the portray Mexicans to be violent and dangerous.

I was bored and I wanted it to end. It was predictable and repetitive. Avoid!

OZ the great and Powerful - I´m a big fan of the original Wizard of OZ and I had high expectations before going to see this film. We went to see it with my little nephew and niece. I´m just going to leave you with the statement my nephew made at the end of the film: " Have we paid to see this? really?" (  Hemos pagado para esto?. )I couldn´t agree more!!! Kids are always right! Yeah, it has beautiful colors and photography but again I was bored..

The Place Beyond the Pines - This film is way better than the above 2 but still, it did not convince me much. In rottentomatoes site the audience has given it a 81 % for me it´s just a 60%. Cutie Canadian actor Ryan Gosling played an excellent role, you really feel sorry for him in a way. He´s actually one of the reason why I went to see this film, I like his style and he didn´t disappoint me. It becomes a bit of a soap-opera towards the end ( a bit predictable, too). I can´t tell you that it´s not worth going and see this film, for this one, you can go and make your own judgement. It did not blow me away but I didn´t hate it. I still have mixed feelings.

Feeling like going to see a pretty good super hero movie? Go & watch : Venom. Humble review by Belen Delgado

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