Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Health system in Ireland , a cry for help

Ireland as U.S.A. has a very poor public health system.

Either you are rich and you can afford to go to private hospitals or you have to wait up to 24 hours in an emergency waiting room (it´s publicly announced in a big sign) surrounded by junkies,drunkens etc.

There is nothing for common people who need to be seen by an specialist before it´s too late. Long waiting lists, lack of beds , people being given wrong diagnosis, dying of common illnesses or inpatients that catch hospital infections.

What is more surprising is that countries with a very good economic situation instead of investing in health system, means of transports and infrastructure, The government budget is given away on : huge shopping malls , pubs and restaurants.

Big differences among classes are never good for regular,common people who go broke trying to survive!

The government does not worry about all these issues because they can afford any private clinic with all the money the have stolen from the public funds!

A common immigrant who works very hard and pay taxes and gets little in return from the government.


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