Monday, 30 July 2012

Magic Mike (2012) a film for Channing's female fans

All started when my mum and I wanted to go to the cinema in Blanch and then "Magic Mike" was in one of the screens (What a better option for 2 women who did not want to think much after a very long hard day?!!). We went to buy the tickets and before even saying the movie title the guy in the box office said smiling : "Magic Mike?". Gee I had to laugh, How did he know?!! I must have had a very smiley face. I have to admit that this was a movie that personally wanted to see since after "full Monty" I had not seen a group of strippers on a big screen lol for once someone in the movie industry thought that there are a bunch of women out there that also have the right to see hot guys dancing and stripping. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a pervert or anything, I'm just a XXIth woman that wants to have the same rights as men hehe. Well, they could have done a very nice movie, it had some potential : Hot guys, original and precise dance moves but no, I'm afraid that they did not do a good job. The quality of the film is poor, I know, some of you are not surprised, I didn't expect much either, just so see Channing in action (he is a very bad actor but he can dance and has the looks !). The dialogues were so simple and so stupid that sometimes I was even embarrassed to translate them for my mum although I think she liked seeing the strippers dancing lol It's actually the best part, just seeing some of the shows they perform. Of course Channing is the best one, he plays Mike. There was also a nice "discovery" for me, British cutie actor Alex Pettifer. Some of my favorite moments of the film are: The beginning with "It's raining men" with all the strippers dancing and the moment when Alex strips for the first time in the film (I know, not very intellectual..) To me, none of the actors in the film stood out due to their acting skills (They had other skills lol), only Matthew Mc Conaughey plays a very convincing and funny role, besides he keeps in shape , spite of being in his early forties. Can't say that much about the film, if you are a fan of Channing, this is a film about him, at least you will see him dancing (This is why I don't regret it, actually all guys should go and see it and learn to move his arse like him lol)! There is no more to it! Well you will see drugs, anger for money, stripping and some beautiful beaches and a few women in tits (this last one , I guess is in the film to keep all the boyfriends happy while their girlfriends check Channing and Alex out!!). Last question will be, Do I recommend this film? well there are 2 answers: "guys, don't go ,you will get upset once you see the way Channing moves.." and for women " well, if you want to see a bunch of strippers dancing "it's raining men" go!!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Don't bother to see it: Seeking a friend for the end of the world (2012)

Uff I must be weird because I did not like this cheesy and boring movie at all, I only laughed a couple of times but it did not keep me interested in the plot and no I did not find it romantic in any way, just because the 2 protagonists do not match , at all!
I do not agree with the 60% rate given in rottentomatoes, to me it is a 40% and the 40% is because it made me think a bit after the film ended. Yeah, we started talking about what would we do if we knew that the world was going to end in a few weeks. We would be in a difficult situation since our families live in two different continents and we would also like to be together at the same time, uff I hope not to get to see this moment. The only thing I'm sure off is that the last few hours I'd like to be on Ibiza drinking mojitos on the beach dancing with Andresillo! Going back to the film, it had a few interesting ideas such as if the world is going to end in a few weeks, people will go nuts, go on riots,will have sex with anyone not worrying about getting diseases or a pregnancy, eat whatever not being worried about the food they eat or the drugs they tak or even kill themselves not knowing how to face the world ending. It was also funny to see the bar they go "friendsy"(if i remember well the name) where everyone is your friend, the waiters, the clients and they all mingle while they have something to eat (everyone wanted a friend before the end of the world, so lonely people could go there). I also have to admit though, that the actress Keira Knightley played her role very well but no in general, I insist this film didn't convince me.. I should have gone to see the new movie of batman as I wanted too (it was sold out..). So if you go to see this film, at least I warned you!! And if you go and see it and you like it.. please explain to me what got you enjoyed . To me it was very predictable and so cheesy that I wanted to puke, another film I'll easily forget.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Music group recommended: Gossip

As you know, sometimes I recommend you groups I discover by chance. Well, this time it's the American-indie-rock "Gossip" founded in 1999. I'm sure you may have heard the song "Standing in the way of control" which was a major hit in u.k. and Ireland not so long ago. What I wanted to share with you is one of their new songs that I particularly love, it's catchy and original: "Moving in the right direction". I'm sharing their video with you so that you can see that also they way they look it's not conventional with their lead singer, Beth Ditto not being the typical hot-sexy girl that some groups have to catch fans' attention, she is just big in all senses, to me specially in talent! She should be an inspiration to those big women out there , she is all personality and has her own style. If you want to know more about them, they have their own facebook page: Below you can see their new song, I can't stop listening to it!!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Roxette's Concert , O2 Dublin, 9th July 2012

Row 28, seat 125 & 126, block E in the O2 Arena in Dublin we got to see for the very first time and probably last, one of our teen idol pop bands : Roxette. A perfect music duo: Marie Fredirksson and Per Gessle that started back in 1985, I was only 8 years then. I bought one of my first vinilos albums when I was 12 "Look Sharp" in 1989; in this album you can find one of our favorite songs of all times, which were performed at the very last minute of the concert " The look" (exciting moment!). If you tell me when I was 12 in my Spanish city that I Was going to see live Roxette in Dublin 23 years later with my husband, probably I would have not believed it! I have to say that I Was worth to wait for so long! I couldn't be in better company and in a better place! What a great atmosphere, it was packed! Not a single free seat!! The audience of course were all from their thirties onwards. People singing along the lyrics loudly. It was moving to see how everyone singing "IT must have been love", "sleeping in my car", "Dangerous","Dressed for Success" ,"How do you do?", "Joyride" well everyone sang in English but Andres, me and a few other bunch of foreigners like us that didn't speak English back then and they way we remembered the lyrics was very differently lol. It was a nice feeling to listen back to the lyrics and be able to actually understand what they were saying!!! EXCITING!!! Going back to the concert, there was only one supporting band , Taxi something was the name, can't remember because I have waited to see Roxette for too long to listen to another group. Roxette came to stage at 21.00 (we got there at 19.30), as they didn't have big screens and we were a bit far away, we pictured them with the same look they had in the 80ies, they didn't grow old for us. The gig was simple:Just both of them singing, no fancy dancers or changes of wardrobe/ stages. Their energy, their voices, the way they dressed, it was all the same!! Per didn't stop jumping all the way, what a shame I couldn't get closer to jump with him!! Marie did not jump so much, she was a bit more chilled-out but she smiled all the way and sang beautifully together with Per. They did not even take a break for the 2 remaining hours! While reading the programme of the concert I found out that Marie (female singer of Roxette), had a brain tumor at the beginning of 2002, this is why they stop performing back then. I had no idea!! Luckily she recovered , otherwise i would have never been able to see them!! Unfortunately Cancer kills anyone, it doesn't count if it you are a brilliant singer like Marie. I cold go on describing the concerts with loads of compliments, to me it was the perfect ending of a hard working day, it was a dream coming true for both my husband and I, what a joy to share it together, I found it so romantic. Thanx Roxette for existing, for going on singing so that old fans like us can enjoy your songs together!! I hope you can continue for many more years making more people happy!! Big virtual hug from a humble Spanish blogger who has grown up with your songs. We love you!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Movie review: Friends with Kids (2012)

You would be wondering what criteria I chose to go and see this movie, well,it's simple, I was going with my mum and she does not speak much English so I knew I would have to be translating most of the film, so I needed a simple movie not to go myself nuts trying to understand it myself and then translating at the same time. Well, I wasn't wrong with this one, a very simple film with a predictable American style ending. It was an o.k. film but not very original or memorable. A movie you can easily survive without. Probably you knew already from the title and you don't need me to tell you this lol. The plot, in a few words, is a bunch of friends that start having kids and their relationship changes, two of the friends decided to have a kid together without being in love but just as a deal to see if they would be happier than their married friends. You can foresee the rest.. in theory they are not in love.. they have the kid.. keep on seeing other people and things get complicated.., the end?? You guess it. If it was an Almodovar's movie , one of the would have died , become a travesti or have a gay lover but here it's not so exciting lol. Anyway! The most important thing for me was to be back in the cinema after so many weeks! Next time I need to go for a more promising film!

A beautiful romantic movie: ¨The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society¨(2018) by Belén Delgado

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