Sunday, 22 July 2012

Don't bother to see it: Seeking a friend for the end of the world (2012)

Uff I must be weird because I did not like this cheesy and boring movie at all, I only laughed a couple of times but it did not keep me interested in the plot and no I did not find it romantic in any way, just because the 2 protagonists do not match , at all!
I do not agree with the 60% rate given in rottentomatoes, to me it is a 40% and the 40% is because it made me think a bit after the film ended. Yeah, we started talking about what would we do if we knew that the world was going to end in a few weeks. We would be in a difficult situation since our families live in two different continents and we would also like to be together at the same time, uff I hope not to get to see this moment. The only thing I'm sure off is that the last few hours I'd like to be on Ibiza drinking mojitos on the beach dancing with Andresillo! Going back to the film, it had a few interesting ideas such as if the world is going to end in a few weeks, people will go nuts, go on riots,will have sex with anyone not worrying about getting diseases or a pregnancy, eat whatever not being worried about the food they eat or the drugs they tak or even kill themselves not knowing how to face the world ending. It was also funny to see the bar they go "friendsy"(if i remember well the name) where everyone is your friend, the waiters, the clients and they all mingle while they have something to eat (everyone wanted a friend before the end of the world, so lonely people could go there). I also have to admit though, that the actress Keira Knightley played her role very well but no in general, I insist this film didn't convince me.. I should have gone to see the new movie of batman as I wanted too (it was sold out..). So if you go to see this film, at least I warned you!! And if you go and see it and you like it.. please explain to me what got you enjoyed . To me it was very predictable and so cheesy that I wanted to puke, another film I'll easily forget.

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