Sunday, 8 July 2012

Movie review: Friends with Kids (2012)

You would be wondering what criteria I chose to go and see this movie, well,it's simple, I was going with my mum and she does not speak much English so I knew I would have to be translating most of the film, so I needed a simple movie not to go myself nuts trying to understand it myself and then translating at the same time. Well, I wasn't wrong with this one, a very simple film with a predictable American style ending. It was an o.k. film but not very original or memorable. A movie you can easily survive without. Probably you knew already from the title and you don't need me to tell you this lol. The plot, in a few words, is a bunch of friends that start having kids and their relationship changes, two of the friends decided to have a kid together without being in love but just as a deal to see if they would be happier than their married friends. You can foresee the rest.. in theory they are not in love.. they have the kid.. keep on seeing other people and things get complicated.., the end?? You guess it. If it was an Almodovar's movie , one of the would have died , become a travesti or have a gay lover but here it's not so exciting lol. Anyway! The most important thing for me was to be back in the cinema after so many weeks! Next time I need to go for a more promising film!

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