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A beautiful temple full of cats in Tokyo for those who believe in magic & love cats: Goutokuji Temple by Andrés Hernandéz

By Andrés Hernández: Not many people know this beautiful temple in Tokyo. A temple that reminds me how fortunate I am, hence I got a wonderful wife, my family in Colombia, my few good friends and my cats Pepe and Federica (in Cat’s heaven).

When Belén had the idea to visit Goutokuji Temple we were completely lost in the pouring rain from Tokyo. Although we were about to go back to the train station and maybe have a cup of tea, we decided to continue our journey. Finally, after a good long hour in the rain we found that gorgeous temple. It was magic! I felt part of the story when we arrived during that heavy rain. I still have that imaginary picture of Pepe and Federica waving their hands to show us the right path to the fortune. Let me share with you the original story of the Japanese “waiving cat”. This is for those who believe in magic and love cats.

“The Original Story of a Waving Cat¨  (Original story taken from the shop in the temple)
In Goutokuji, Goutokuji Temple is located at 2 G…

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