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First movie I have seen in 2018: ¨The greatest Showman¨ by Belen Delgado.

I could not have started the year , watching a better movie than ¨The Greatest Showman¨. It is just what I needed : a powerful, joyful / beautiful musical that makes you want to join in and dance and sing along with them from the very first scene. The whole movie is directed as if it was performed on a stage, i found it very Broadway style: with passion, energy and colorful costumes and elaborated choreography. No wonder that this movie has been compared with "La,La Land"  given that Benj P. & Justin P. who are behind La La Land soundtrack, have written and arranged the soundtrack for this film, too. Needless to say that if you are not into musicals, you may not like this film! I'd like to point out that I very rarely go to see the same movie twice in the cinema and with ¨The greatest Showman¨ , I just did not have enough of it !The audience from the page has given this film a score of 90% and critics only 55%. I do feel critics missed the poin…

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