Friday, 17 February 2012

Romantic & simple film : The Vow (2012)

If you are in the mood to see a romantic movie without expecting much, then go ahead and see the Vow. It actually entertained me, maybe due to the fact that I like the looks of Channing Tatum, I say the looks because his acting is not his forte lol. To my surprise I also found in this movie, "Felicity" cute actor Scott Speedman , gee he is growing old now! Well, now, girls , I have given you 2 good reasons to see this film: Scott and Channing, who cares about the rest ?? Lol Just to tell you a little bit about the plot, a married couple has a car accident and the wife has amnesia about the last part of her life and she only remember what happened before even he met her husband. I personally, liked it because I was looking for some romantic film and not to think much either lol so perfect for me but not for everyone! In rotten tomatoes the critics gave it a 30% and the audience 68%, go and judge for yourself !

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