Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Movie Recommendation: Chronicle (2012)

What motivated me to watch this movie in the cinema was my love for superheroes and the good criticism I read about it online, such as for example 85% in rotten tomatoes given by critics and 82% given by the audience. Just by watching the trailer you can see that it's a different approach to the super hero topic, it's more a contemporary super hero that you can relate to. This film doesn't have very famous actors, not expensive effects and not a complicated plot but it has a story that will make you feel different things. I'm still not sure of the moral of the film, to be honest, but to me it was more like the danger to give a superhero power to a depressive teenager in an unfair world. To be honest, if I were him and I had a father that beat me up, like he had and was not accepted in high-school, I may have ended up like he did. I'm not going to give you a lot of details. Only that you will fly with the 3 protagonists, you will suffer, smile, you will want to have some superpowers yourself ( I want to be invisible!) and you will remember Dane Dehaan's eyes! It's a film for super heroe's lovers like me that want to see something different, you will feel entertained and you will be carried away by the way the camera takes different shots , specially at the beginning of the film. One discovery for me cute Alex Russell (Give me your number, man! ) and Dane Dehaan's interpretation of the role blew me away. Very happy to have chosen this film !

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