Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Woman in black (2012)

First time I see in another film, Harry Potter's protagonist Daniel Radcliffe, who is now a man and there is not much left of the kid Harry. I have to say that Daniel convinced me, he acts very well. The film as a whole was entertaining, the typical film with scary old porcelain dolls, a ghosty house with spooky noises and of course the woman in black! I have to say that it was not the film of my life and i'm still not sure if it scared me more the screams coming from the girl seating behind me or the film itself lol at one point we all started laughing at the screaming girl hahaha. The locals playing being scared of the legends about the woman in black not resting in peace because could not find the body of his kid , to my mind were a bit exaggerated, not believable. I have to admit that i could not look at the screen when the protagonist went to look for the woman in black but this is me, i don't like screaming like the girl behind me so every time i didn't look, I knew the woman in black was in the screen when she screamed ! So in a nutshell, the audience has given it a 66% i agree with this score, it has a pass for me, it was entertaining but not much more than that. If you are into horror/ thriller movies, probably this one will disappoint you, so do not expect much!

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