Wednesday, 27 October 2010

If Facebook existed years ago LOL

Check out this link ,it's very funny, just imagine what would be the status of facebook if God had it or Julius Cesar or Darwin? have a look and judge for yourself!

(if the link doesnt work ,copy it in a browser!it's funny!)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Social Network (2010)/ Movie about the origin of Facebook

I always have a constant desire for knowledge and in addition, a vivid facebook user like me, couldn't resist the temptation of going to watch "The social Network", a film about who and how the idea of facebook came out. The social netwrok page of facebook has already made history with 500 million users around 207 different countries in only 6 years. Only a genius, young, programmer mind could create it, this mind belongs to Mark Zuckerberg. It may be that the original grasp of the idea of facebook was not originally from him but he already had some inclinations towards networking at the university when he hacked into the university databases and grabbed pictures of different students to compare which one was hottest (some applications in facebook, still do this with celebrities). After this act, by the way, Mark was penalized for breaching the privacy of the Harvard university data (Can we trust him protecting our privacy in facebook with such records lol ?) and he said they should thank him for discovering the flaws of the privacy system Harvard.

It's funny to see how Mark came up with the idea of the relationship status and how the initial idea of "the facebook" was to meet other students and help to socialize for people like Mark, a bit shy and introvert according to what the movie showed.

Some people may criticise what Mark did to reached the top but no-one can deny his talent and ingenious mind, which has captivated millions of users, making him also the youngest billionaire in the world.

I'd say that the main protagonists of the film , like Jessen Eisenberg who has an impressive resemblance with the real Mark Z! his friend, Andrew Garfield , who in the end you feel sorry for.. and the cheeky "enterpreneur" Justin Timberlake roles were all very convincing! In a nutshell ,if you are really interested in the phenomenon of facebook and want to know a bit more about its short history, go and see the movie! don't expect to be blown away by it but at least to walk away knowing somethingelse that you didn't before watching the movie.

See you in my next humble review!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Pyjama girls (2010) / Las Chicas Pijama (2010)

Spanish versión only /

Cualquier extranjero/a que haya vivido en Dublín por cierto tiempo, se ha tenido que preguntar al menos una vez que hay detr'as de las chicas en pijama con sus botas de esas de "pelo" de cabra que se pueden ver ocasionalmente en ciertos barrios dublineses por la calle ,de compras en el Pennys o en el Tesco o en el Dublin bus en la parte de arriba. Pues bien, nuestras dudas se han terminado con el film documental de 70 minutos de Maya Derrington. Dos chicas pijama muy buenas amigas que residen en el barrio de clase obrera Ballyfermot, nos llevan a su mundo del pijama. El documental tiene subt'itulos debido a la dificultad para entender a las j'ovenes protagonistas del mismo. Tengo que decir que tenia grandes expectativas antes de verlo, las cuales no fueron cumplidas porque me di cuenta de que la mayoría de las cosas que mostraban, ya las conocia, como por ejemplo que dichas chicas vienen de barrios marginales, de familias conflictivas donde el padre o la madre es drogadicto o alcoholico y viven de las pagas que les da el gobierno. Estas chicas del pijama no suelen ser buenas estudiantes, hacen la rata y tiene como hobby ir en el Dublin bus buscando pelea a cualquiera que les mire fijamente por cualquier motivo , o sino se van a la puerta del Tesco a ver gente o al Pennys de compras. Me hace gracia el lenguaje que utilizan como "ma" (para mum) o "da" (para father). Ellas explican en el documental que la gente les tiene envidia porque es m'as practico salir en pijama! que no es para nada poco higiénico y que para ellas su barrio es como una extensi'on de su "flat" (casa t'ipicamente de proteccion social) y por eso pueden salir por ah'i en pijama, que no entienden porque la gente les mira.

El documental refleja como estas adolescentes tienen pocas expectativas en la vida, beben, fuman salen con adolescentes que en muchas ocasiones las dejan en embarazo y tambi'en muestran como también muchas veces sus tías o abuelas acaban cuidando de ellas por la ausencia de sus padres o bien por que han fallecido o porque est'an en prision. Es una parte de la sociedad Irlandesa que est'a presente y el gobierno no hace mucho por ayudarles, a parte de darles un flat donde vivir,no les incentivan para salir de ese mundo. Del documental me parece entra~nable la hermana peque~na de Lauren, que pena que tampoco vaya a tener un gran futuro.., la verdad es que tengo algo en com'un con las chicas del pijama ,me encantan los pijamas de 6 euros del pennys!! pero todavia no me los pongo para salir a la calle, puede que algún dia lo pruebe para ver que se siente! Al final del documental se entiende un poco mejor su perspectiva del mundo pero como decía al principio, es algo que no me sorprendi'o despu'es de los a~nos que llevo aquí.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Trip recommendation> Brussels, Gent and Brugges

Recently I travelled to Belgium for the very first time and I was nicely surprised! I organized the 4/day trip myself online. My itinerary was:

First day in Brussels arriving very early in the morning, we stayed at a very peculiar Bed and B in the city centre. I found accommodation in Brussels very expensive. We managed to 'see the old town, the mini,mini 50 cms Maneken Pis statue and all its streets surrounded by chocolate wafers and sweets. I couldn't resist to the delicious and inviting smell and i had a wafre with chocolate sauce! From there we went to the famous Tin-Tin shop and there is also a nice graffiti on the way of the Belgian comic character. On the Belgian corner shop we bought some original souvenirs! and from there to the beautiful Grand Place which reminded me of the Marienplatz in Munich but more impressive!At night we went to the numerous Mariscos restaurants where the typical mussels were on offer. I was amazed at the similar plates of Paella served at the Rue of Bouchers Beenhouv, you can't leave Belgium without eating Mussels either!. It's also worth it to walk around and see the different chocolateries! dont miss a visit to the EU parliament!

Second day in 45 minutes we arrived in one of the frequently scheduled trains to Gent. I bough online the ticket which allowed me to take any train going to Gent with the printed ticket to the Station of Gent-Sint-Pieters. Tickets to travel throughout Belgium for a reasonable price can be found at: It's very convenient! Of Gent I loved everything! its buildings,its variety of bars (go to Flamingos bar!) and original shops,its canals ,its boats, taking long strolls around the city,its Castle,its bridges, The adoration of the Lamb of Van Eyck in the cathedral,its tram and even its bikes which are everywhere (watch out! you maybe run over by one bike,they go very fast!!) hotels prices in Gent are more affordable and of better quality. I stayed at a nice hotel very close to the train station,to save me time when i went to Brugges. We decided to stay for 2 nights in Gent and the next morning we took a train to Brugge (train schedules can always be found on the internet on the page i have given you before).I almost forgot! to travel by tram, get an 8 euro ticket for one zone ,from the station you can get tram 21 and 22 to go to the city centre.

Our third day we went to the famous city of Brugges, first i saw at the train station was the they were selling the Irish movie I watched a couple of years ago: "In Bruges", which I watched again after having seen the city and i actually liked it even more! At the station ,we bought a map of the city and it took us around 20 minutes walking to go to the city centre. We met a very nice Argentinian girl who was our travel companion in Brugges. About Brugges what can I say? its narrow and fairy/tale houses,its horses carriages,its canals,its love lake,its swans and its boats! the only thing i didn't like was the amount of tourists in Brugges and I also found some restaurants very expensive. Hotels were much more expensive in Brugge and you dont need more than a day to see this city, so im glad we chose Gent which is actually much bigger than Brugges and there are more things to do than In Brugges.

Last but not least, people in Belgium working in the tourist areas, speak many languages or at least the ones we encountered! even Spanish! so it's not hard to get by in Belgium eiher with French,English,German , Flemish or if you are lucky like us Spanish!

On our last day we walked around Gent before heading off to Brussels to take our plane in the evening!

Farewell to a land of beautiful buildings, delicious chocolates and with a clear European charm! I definitely recommend this trip for a long weekend break!ah! dont forget to bring coins to go to public toilets in Belgium, in most places you have to pay from 30 cents to 50!so dont drink a lot of liquid! i had to pay even in Mcdonalds to go!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Best place in Dublin to eat a nice creppe: Cafe Crepe

A long time ago i wanted to write a few lines about this little cozy coffee shop and creperie in Dublin: "Cafe Crepe" located in in the city centre in 15 South Leinster Street just on the way to the national gallery and by the French Institute. For a very reasonable price you can have a nice sweet creppe like my favorite one with chocolate sauce and cream or a nice salted crepe with salada and crisps. Coffee also tastes very good (I recommend a capuccino!), you can have nice breakfast there for 8euros per person. The thin and tasteful crepes are the closest you can get to a true French crepe, they are not so thick like in other places in Dublin like lemon jelly where crepes are nice but not French at all. By the picture i have just taken today, you can tell that my crêpe was very well cooked and delicious!! im not exaggerating! To finish just to let you know that this cafeteria usually closes very early at around 5 or 6 sometimes, so you´d rather go early! Bon appetite!

A beautiful romantic movie: ¨The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society¨(2018) by Belén Delgado

This movie deserved a separate post since I loved it so much. If you are thinking of watching a romantic movie, this may be the one: Yea...