Monday, 16 April 2012

Movie recommended: Mirror, Mirror (2012) a different version of Snowwhite

A very special version of "Snow-white and the seven dwarfs", Julia Roberts looks really evil here!!! I have to say that Walt Disney is not what is used to be anymore , this film is not actually for children, some of the scenes may be scary for them. I'd say that it's more for adults that want to have a modern version of this classical kids' story. We both enjoyed it very much, it made us laugh and dream of a fantasy world, i loved the effects e.g. when Julia Roberts goes to the other world to talk to her mirror or the different views of the castle from above. I don't understand why the audience of Rottentomatoes has given it only a 53%. They even do a Bollywood type of dance at the end!!! Just fab!! I don't want to tell you more, just if you want to see a children story with a different twist, this is a good chance (if you are not into kids stories ,then don't go..of course!)! Last but not least, the thieves dwarfs are just adorable and Julia plays a very convincing role (taking into account her limited acting skills lol!!).

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Totally recommended film: Hunger Games (2012)

At the beginning I thought the idea of this film was very original until Andrés started talking to me about this 80ies' movie from Arnold Schwarzenegger "Running man". The plot seems very similar to this film and you could also see some resemblance to the idea of realities shows such us "get me out of here" or "big brother" accompanied with the eccentric concept of the look of rich people in the future  (all looking a bit like the group "Aqua"in the video "I'm a barbie girl" from the 90ies). All in all, the fim is based on American novel written by Suzanne Collins, probable she took the inspiration from all the previous details I have mentioned, although this has not been confirmed by her, judge for yourself when you see the film. Anyway, being the idea original or not, I loved the film!!! And I truly recommend it for those kind of people,like me, who like these type of futuristic action movies, there are a few bits a bit cheesy but the whole idea of having chosen people from different districts to fight for their lives in a televised game is appealing. The film in itself is not violent, it's done with a delicate touch and even scenes that could have been very violent, they weren't. I fall in love with the protagonists and I think the idea of having this hunger games may nto be so far from the future reality.. who knows?? If the romans had the gladiators fights and people loved it, why not having people fighting for their lives on tv receiving help from sponsors of the most appealing candidates for the audience. Some of the highlights of the film for me , was actually that, the ida of having sponsors helping the contestants when in danger or the idea of creating more danger of candidates by the tv producers. I'm not going to tell you more! No need to say that you need to go to the cinema to see this film, don't watch it at home! I'm very glad I went to see this film even without knowing what was about! Last but not least rottentomatoes gives this film 85% (critics) and 86%( the public) and I agree with the public!

A ver special place closes down: La Cala

I wanted to dedicate a few lines in my blog to say good-bye to one very special place for me in Dublin, to me the most typical Spanish bar that made me feet at home when I needed to have a real tapa and a glass of wine: La Cala. Yesterday, they closed their business and on Friday I had the chance to have the last tapa of their famous croquetas, patatas bravas and lomo in a Pedro Ximenez sauce with pudding as a dessert accompanied by a glass of tinto de Verano. I still can't believe that I'll not be able to go there anymore. I wanted to thank every single employee of this bar from the owners , to the cooks and waiters. Specially to the cooks! I loved the paellas there, the calamares, the pan tumaca, the pinchitos..

I have organized different work dinners in there and they have done everything to made us feel comfortable, even personalized menus. Every single meal there was special and you will be missed. I wanted to wish you the best of luck in your future and even though you have to close, do not hesitate that there are costumers out there that will notice your absence.

Farewell..Big Hug

Despedida.. Gran abrazo

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