Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A summary of our 2013 by Belén Delgado

As I always do at the beginning of every year, I look back and I write about what we have done in 2013:

In 2013, we went twice to the Opera: Carmen and The Three Penny Opera. We saw 2 musicals: Cats and Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert. Andres went an additional time to see Opera as part of the Bram Stoker Festival.

We went only to one concert, Glen Hansard and we took Carlota to her first Rugby Match in the RDS. We also went to 2 festivals: The Vodafone Comedy Festival & Street Art Performance Festival.

In terms of trips we started 2013 in Spain, with my family. Then I went to Liverpool with my mother while Andres went to New York to meet his family. Then I went to San Francisco (USA) in April and then one more time in October (work related). In September we meet our friend Matteo and Helena in Sardegna  (Italy) where we spent a week together. We also travelled a little bit in Ireland , we took our friends Matteo and Elena to Galway and Connemara, we got soaking wet but it was a beautiful trip together! I can´t wait to do it again!

We saw a total of 30 movies in the cinema , which means an average of 2.5 movies a month. Not bad taking into account how busy we have been.

Last but not least, among the things I did for the first time in my life in 2013 were; Going to the Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park (California) and meeting Mark Zuckerberg; going in a limousine with my team , going to a real Indian restaurant (I enjoyed it a lot!), eating a Roscón de Reyes in Dublin, being on a beach in Ireland in bikini eating an ice cream , eating Brazilian food (Thanks Lucimar and Marina!) and delicious bread from Sardegna (delicious!), going to work dressed as a zombie and have my whole team dressed as zombies for a day. I also professionally grew a lot doing what I like the most, managing people.

Additionally, I wouldn´t like to forget that we have also met some great people this year such as Carlota, Sergio or Jorge. In general, the analysis of 2013 was a good year with a lot of changes, I started a new job, I met new people, I have gone back to college with my husband and I´ve gathered new experiences. There is no perfect year, there were ups and downs but in the end, what counts is that I added another year to my life together with my husband and my beloved cat, Pepe.

Looking back: Last Cultural events of 2013

Just a quick post to remember the last cultural events we went to in 2013:

I bought tickets to see the three penny Opera (Die dreigroschenoper) by Bertol Brecht, we forgot that we had tickets and a quick flashback came on a Saturday on our way to the cinema and we managed to get there on time. My husband enjoyed it very much, I'm still  not very convinced by the genre of the opera but just seeing my husband so happy, it made my day. I'm also glad I went to see an early example of modern musical comedy :-).

We also saw in the Board Gais Theater the musical of Priscilla Queen of the Dessert, a very colorful and happy-go-lucky musical protagonized by the 80ies pop singer, Jason Donovan. Wow he can really walk and dance in high heels! Chapeau! I really enjoyed it but to be honest I expected more of it.

I'm trying to remember now the last 2 movies we saw in 2013, the very last one was the second part of Hunger Games "Catching Fire", we really liked it, although I would not say that it's better than the first one, it is not. Based on the ending there will be another movie and I'll be there! I can't have enough of the Hunger games, I love the idea, I find it so original.

The other movie we saw was "Don Jon", I went to see it because I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt but I had no idea about the plot. We actually went to see if with a friend of ours and I think she thinks now that I'm a pervert or something because the movie is about a guy who is obsesses with the gym and porn and it's also a womanizer. Lol. It's actually a comedy, we enjoyed it but it was not the movie of our lives. To be perfectly honest with you, I cannot even remember the end now.. so another forgettable movie that I won't see twice. And yeah my husband enjoyed seeing Scarlett Johansson ..

2013 has been a busy year, a year of changes and with not much time left to write in my blogs.

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