Monday, 1 April 2013

Time for a thriller: Side effects (2013)

I cannot tell you much about this movie, otherwise, I would destroy the thrilling effect! What I can tell you is that you don´t expect how the film ends and what you think the protagonist´s problem is,it is not. You start watching the film thinking that you know what is about and then you realize that you didn´t have a clue lol. I personally wanted to see it for a very simple reason, just to see Channing Tatum, yeah he is not a great actor but he has the looks (I know, I know it sounds a bit superficial..)! but he did not talk much in the film and his role was a bit short to my liking.Some of the highlights for me, the role played by Jude Law and actress Rooney Mara, remarkable. If you ask me if I would recommend this movie, well, it´s entertaining , there is a bit of a drama and thriller but it wont be the film of the year or anything.., it really depends on what you are looking for. So that you get an idea , the critics in Rotten Tomatoes page gave it a 85% , the audience scored it with a 76%.

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