Saturday, 3 September 2016

Humble review of "Indignation" (2016) by Belen Delgado

Beautiful slow-paced drama set in the 50ies. The setting and type of dialogues reminded me a bit of the movie "Dead Poet's Society".This film is based on a best-seller Philip's Roth novel and it is also the debut as a director of James Schamus. Rotten Tomatoes Audience rated it with 90% and critics with 80%. Although I really liked it, to me it was something in-between the 2 ratings, I'd score it with a 70%. It is a beautiful love story , which is told with a lot of elegance and style. A very aesthetic film. Sad to see how in those times there was not a lot of freedom of speech and/or a complete lack of understanding of any mental-related illness. You became easily isolated if you did not comply with the strict moral rules of those times.  Some of my favorite scenes were the conversations between Marcus ( the male protagonist) and the college's Dean and the first date of the 2 protagonists and how Marcus reacted after it. You won't see much action and/or impressive special effects in this movie, this film it is about a complicated love story and what society was like back then.

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Humble review of a movie I have watched recently: Nerve (2016) by Belen Delgado


This teen-thriller tells a story that is not very far from reality. An-online illegal app. game where you have two options either to: view/follow or to play the actual game and earn some generous monetary reward and also followers/fame. Handsome & talented James Franco little brother, Dave Franco, is the male protagonist along with Emma Roberts. There is a lot of chemistry between the 2 of them and they play very well their role of being the most viewed players with their "dare" proposals to earn big amounts of money in short amount of time putting sometimes their own lives at risk. This movie shows the new generation of Millennials that are obsessed with the internet, phones, interactive app. games and the concept of fame based on the amount of followers you may have. I loved the freshness , fast-pace and originality of the plot. Not the best movie of my life but very entertaining. I probably would have chosen a different ending but well, it is a North-American movie where the audience should be mainly teens ( well excluding me lol) so the ending had to match that. In the real world it would probably be much different. Some of my favorite scenes: The first dares where they are in the shopping center and then on the motorbike blindfolded. Rotten Tomatoes audience rated this movie with a 74% and critics with a 64%, as you can see it is definitely, a pass! I agree with the audience. Even though I did not have high expectations before watching this movie, it was much better than I thought!

And one last thing, if you are wondering why I'm still watching "teen" movies, well I'm actually very open to the movie genre that I watch , that keeps my view of the world more open and I can learn also from different generations from mine.

Feeling like going to see a pretty good super hero movie? Go & watch : Venom. Humble review by Belen Delgado

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