Saturday, 3 September 2016

Humble review of "Indignation" (2016) by Belen Delgado

Beautiful slow-paced drama set in the 50ies. The setting and type of dialogues reminded me a bit of the movie "Dead Poet's Society".This film is based on a best-seller Philip's Roth novel and it is also the debut as a director of James Schamus. Rotten Tomatoes Audience rated it with 90% and critics with 80%. Although I really liked it, to me it was something in-between the 2 ratings, I'd score it with a 70%. It is a beautiful love story , which is told with a lot of elegance and style. A very aesthetic film. Sad to see how in those times there was not a lot of freedom of speech and/or a complete lack of understanding of any mental-related illness. You became easily isolated if you did not comply with the strict moral rules of those times.  Some of my favorite scenes were the conversations between Marcus ( the male protagonist) and the college's Dean and the first date of the 2 protagonists and how Marcus reacted after it. You won't see much action and/or impressive special effects in this movie, this film it is about a complicated love story and what society was like back then.

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