Sunday, 22 May 2011

Movie Recommendation: Julia's Eyes (Los ojos de Julia)! Go and see it!

Don't miss the opportunity to see this Spanish thriller in Dublin: " Los ojos de Julia" by Guillermo Morales and the main protagonist the well-known actress Belen Rueda (what a beautiful name,lol). You will need to read the subtitles because it's in Spanish but don't be put off because of this! If you are like me that many times couldn't even look at the screen, then you will need a translator to know what is going on but for me, unfortunately, I didn't need any and neither Andres jumping on the seat nor the intense music didn't help me not to get scared! There are some parts at the end where i had mixed feelings because i found them funny and im not sure if i was supposed to laugh lol, there was an Irish guy in front of me that started laughing because of my laugh. When you see it check the scene of the 2 hot teas , Belen and her carer and when she asked for sugar, that's the one when I started laughing lol. I also found a bit funny the appearance of the girl "Lia", you cannot see her face but only her legs and gee her legs looked very diabolic to me. Belen plays the role of Julia and her twin sister Sara. She plays it brilliantly (as usual,she is a very good actress!), it really looks as if she was blind!

I don't want to tell you anything about the plot just go and see it. Even if you don't love the film (i heard some bad criticism before going to see it from some people), i'm sure that you will be entertained! Last comment to finish i loved how the English subtitles used some euphemisms to translate Spanish swearwords like "joder" (meaning fuck!) when they translated as " jesus Christ" lol just the same !! I was so happy to be able to watch this Spanish movie, i miss so much being able to watch Spanish cinema..something different from the usual stuff! After this movie ended i still had chills and was scared of the light going off in the car park or somebody behind me chasing me , maybe because my name is like the actress: Belen.

What are you waiting for??? Dont think this Spanish will last long in the cinema, it's in Parnell now! GO and run!!

Blow up the Liffey Bridges - Theatre (review)

To be honest i was not in the mood to write a about this comedy just after it finished last Wednesday at the Docklands theatre in Dublin. I needed some time to think about it, Was it that bad? why i didn't laugh all the way as promised? Well after 4 days i haven't changed my mind. They even wrote that Ronan Keating may show up for a performance, he could have.. honestly to save the least someone who could sing could have come up on stage! We were very disappointed due to different reasons, let me start. Firstly, they could have exploited much more the differences between North and South Dublin , instead this "comedy" had a very poor plot with no so clever dialogues and very poor singing. Secondly, i didn't know it was supposed to be a musical , too was their bad singing supposed to be funny?? because it was annoying!!. To be fair out of the 8 actors only 2 were kind of o.k., the rest specially the girl who pretended to be a Northsider and her mum , gee somebody should have thrown them a bucket of water! When I wrote "pretended to be" was exactly because of that these 2 could not imitate well the Northside accent and it was replaced by annoying shouting and swearing, you could tell that they were from the South side,no doubt about that. I think that out of the 2 hours we were at the theater i only laughed once when the Southsider guy playing the assistant of the exaggerated posh Southsider actress told her to "fuck off" lol i actually wanted to tell her the same because she was fking annoying!!

To be fair the Southsiders played a better role maybe because they were just playing them selves on stage lol not sure. I'm just glad we went with a city deal offer because tickets were not cheap and i felt sorry for the guys who actually paid the exact fare and the theater was almost full.

If you ask me if the rest of the audience liked it, well it's simple to see if a theatre play is successful or not, just check the way people applaude when the play is over. In this case , i felt like people were clapping just for the sake of it and of course for a very short amount of time and with low intensity and only once! They didn't go back to stage and believe me Irish audience is an enthusiastic one ,if they like something they shout , applaude heavily ,anything! It was even embarrasing when some of the actors/actresses ended up singing a song sometimes people clapped sometimes only one person clapped and when it was awful nobody clapped lol. I'm still confuse of the message whoever did the script of this comedy was and yeah the producers were supposed to be good because they had a smash hit with a play called "one night in Istanbul", well maybe next time these producers should choose better with more imagination to write the scripts and better actors!!!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Yeah I have watched Eurovision contest 2011, so what?

More than 1100 songs have been performed in the history of Eurovision. This year, great show and hosting from Dusseldorf presented by Anke Engelke, Judith Rakers and Stefan Raab with a big budget. Anke as funny as usual (I used to watch her show when I lived in Germany), same for Raab, he even played the guitar and sang last year winning song(if i remember well he represented Germany once in Eurovision years ago..).

Almost 2 hours of performances with 25 countries.

Eurovision has gone mad!Most of the countries sang in English: Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina ,Russia,Germany,Romania, Austria, Azerbaijan , Stonia (I liked this song),Slovenia (a bit rockish style, too),Iceland,Denmark, Georgia, Ukrania ,Sweden,Switzerland, Moldovia ,Hungary... The French sang in Italian, Lithuanians sang in French and Italians sang in English,too. What's going on Europe? What's up with the amount of different languages that we have? Shouldn't we use them and promote them in our own Eurovision contest?

Only Serbia, Spain and Greece sang in their own languages! Well done in this respect!

Brief comments on the performances, let's start with the first 3 classified:

The winner song is from Azerbaijan, to be honest i dont even know where it you? the song didn't have any special for me and i kept thinking what was the song like since i didn't remember it! In my opinion Italy should have won, specially when they had Rafaella Carra for the votations! I haven't seen her for so long!! she still looks the same!

Italian jazz style song was very original but in my opinion they should have sang in Italian , which is a beautiful language! (second place!)

Swedish male singer very good looking but the song didn't convince me. (They got on third place!)

Greek sang in Greek but the song was horrible, however it got many votes (i wonder why??!!)

French guy sang very well but a horrible hair cut, he will not get a job as a hair gel TV advertiser.. and opera style is not really Eurovision material..

Russian singer looked like John travolta in Grease but in blonde, the song was catchy !

I loved U.k. song from consolidated band blue but I didnt like it on the Eurovision performance. The background while they were singing, a bit egocentric with their photos behind them. Hated the dresses and seeing themselves dancing in the screens again behind them ..uff

Moldova kind of ska song very original, loved the Simpson Marge hair style and the fairy with a trompet in pink although she was stealing a bit the protagonism of the singer lol

Slovenian's song was a bit Britney Spears/ Cristina Aguilera like ,she is very beautiful and has a strong voice but the song wasn't amazing..just o.k.. she still managed to get a good amount of points. I kept hearing Andres, "oh she is beautiful".

Lena, German singer very arrogant, didn't get the 5 dancers dressed like spermatozoids ! I'm glad she didn't win, specially due to the bad comments German tv made about Spanish song previous to the contest, o.k. it was crap but they are no-one to criticize it and their song was not that good as they thought, ad of course in English! Why they don't sing in German??!!! At least the Spanish singer sang in her own language, a crappy song but in Spanish lol.

Romanian group, hotel FM very pleasant song and looked like nice smiley guys.

I actually liked Stonia's song, too and they got very few votes, not sure if they were the last ones on the classification but close.

Who chose Austria's song to qualify..she is a cheap version of Witney Houston.. very boring..buu, her hair style looked as if she was wearing a helmet!

Spanish song, dont get the palm theme, horrible stupid song..gee, not surprise that we are in the 4 or 3 bottom countries (i stop looking at Spain classification at one point..)

Ukraine original performance with an artist drawing with sand diff siluettes .. beautiful! She reminded me of the Evanescence group. THey also got a lot of points! well done Ukraine!

Dannish rock style song, i didn't love it.. his hairstyle reminded me of my manager's, nothing bad about that, only a comment lol

The contest finished with Georgia's performance with kind of rock style song imitating Linkin Park, not my cup of tea to be honest... but the female singer was good.

Worse songs: Iceland, Greece, Spanish, Switzerland, Austria, Georgia and Serbia

Final votes:

Macedonia gave the first 4 points for SPain ,at that point i thought, o.k. at least we are not gonna have 0 points! and France gave Spain 12 points! (I was surprised about be honest..

The voting was very exciting, Ireland even got to be on the 4th place at one point, polemical Irish twins: "Jedward", who ended up in the 8th place. It has been talked about disappointment for Ireland but I think They did very well, even if they have many detractors, no doubt that they passionate, energetic, committed and their vocals were not that bad, at all!. It was hard to tell who was going to win! At one point I thought it was going to be Denmark, then Ukraine and then Azerbaijan started to get many more points than the rest. You could also comment live on the Eurovision facebook page (very entertaining lol i know i'm a freak!) and it was funny to see what people around Europe said about the different songs lol.

Denmark and U.k.gave 12 points to Ireland (Ireland only gave 6 points to u.k. lol), Poland only gave 1 point to Ireland (I was surprised about this..) and of course Portugal gave Spain 12 points (Thanx Portugal, you are deaf! but thanx!).

It had been a very entertaining show ,i only hope next year Spain chooses better our representative.. maybe we should sing in English too?? lol!! just kidding!!

Some of my favorite moments in video:

Check out the energetic performance of the Irish twins John and Edward! Even when Ireland voted for other countries, the Irish host was wearing a Jedward "wig" lol, love Irish!!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Free online photo editor for photography lovers like me!

I dont need to write much,i only wanted to share with you one free online photo editor that i have just discovered! It's great! you can edit your pictures and save them on your computer! Pixl even has a blog where you can learn new features they have to edit photos like the night vision one or the hope effect. You have it available in different language, have a look! (here is the homepage)

and if you want to go to the photo editor directly from your browser go to:

Once you have edited the photos you can upload them directly to flickr,picassa,facebook or your computer! isn't it great? Here you have one example of one photo i have just edited.

Enjoy it!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Movie Recommendation for superhero lovers: Thor (2011)

Class movie directed by Kenneth Branagh ! First time i have seen a film directed by him ,I only knew him and respected him as an actor, now I respect and admire him as a director! This film has mainly been made for 3D screens but we saw it in 2D because my eyes can't stand 3d movies, don't ask me why.Spite of this, we enjoyed the great effects, quick movements of cameras, iced villains and most importantly the gorgeous looking and my lover-platonic-to-be Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, playing the warrior Thor. GEE not even this time again Natalie Portman (she is in all movies this year..give me a break!!) could steal his protagonism, gee where has Chris been all these years??!! He reminded me a bit of Brad Pitt in his young times (only the face,of course..). Well but not only Chris was good, the film is entertaining, thrilling, exciting and even funny, sometimes. There is nothing i didn't like about it. WARNING: Please go and see it in the cinema, do not waste your time uploading it on your computer, this film is definitely to be seen on a big screen with popcorns!!

I'm not going to tell you much only that i loved the end and that i missed the small part when they give some info about the second part of this film, it happens when the credits are on the screen and people are just leaving, so stay a bit longer!! Some of my favorite parts were when Thor goes to earth and does not know how to behave himself and when his loyal friends go to pick him up on earth. And of course his brother, his father played by Anthony Hopkins and the iced villains! This film is one of those that makes you feel good at the end of it.

Of course you have to be into this type of superhero/comic style movie, otherwise do not go!

Thanx Andres for making me to go this film, i would not have gone on my own! I wanted to see Hanna, this is the next one on my list!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Aruba : Things to see and new experiences!

For those of you who are wondering where Aruba is , it's located only 27 kms from Venezuela and it belongs to the known "ABC islands" : Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, in the southern warm and beautiful blue Caribbean Sea. I'll start giving you some tips and my opinion of our trip to the island. How to get there? From Ireland there are several options, the easiest are either to go from London or from Amsterdam. From London it's usually cheaper. We flew with Martinair from Amsterdam since it suited better the dates we wanted to travel. Martinair is cheaper than the Dutch company KLM. The plane was very old, not enough space, you had to pay to see movies and meals were not abundant/nor snacks. I had to put up with a huge obese Arubian woman by my side so my 10 hour flight from Aruba to Amsterdam were not very comfy.

Aruba has its own small airport with all commodities. Our luggage came on time from Dublin , so no complaints. No issues on the border, nothing. We took the bus to go to the hotel on time and in the hotel, Holiday Inn, thanx to my husband charm we got one of the best rooms with a very nice Sea view! About Holiday inn i have to say that i'm very pleased with the service they offer to be a all-inclusive resort. My only complaints are about the phenomenon of the queueing to book sunbeds (people there from 5.30 a.m.!!) and to book for restaurants at 8.00 a.m. I think i woke up earlier every day in Aruba than here to go to work! (never later than 6.30 a.m.). Due to the intensive heat in Aruba it can reach up to 35 degrees (humid temperature), you cannot afford not to have shadow on the beach (So leave the jackets in your country!)! Only stupid tourists all burned due to the sun did that, we even saw a woman with a bandage due to the sun-burns. You cannot play with the sun in these days!! Going back to the queueing issue, i know it's the same in most of the resorts, so nothing specific from Holiday Inn. It's a good hotel more family type, not very romantic for couples. A very busy hotel and a bit loud some times but being in the Caribbean loud music cannot be an issue! Last afivce about Holiday Inn try to avoid eating in the buffet "Coral restaurant", food is much nicer in the "sea breeze restaurant" or on the Italian one (of course you will need to book for dinner but for lunch , See bree breeze is o.k. to go without reservation)

We were in the area of Palm Beach, the most tourist one ,specially with U.s. tourists which meant that all was very expensive. Even the shops and restaurants were built in a very American style, I felt like in U.s.a. ,specially when they did not have the local currency: Arubian florins and asked us to pay in $ !! In the end we ended up exchanging our Florins to be able to get by!

Yeah, depending on what part of the island you are going to stay, exchanging Arubian Florins is not going to bring you much, I'd advise you to take $, otherwise the mess will start when you pay in one currency and they give you another one! 1 euros = 2 Florins.

We thought that being the island a former Spanish and Dutch colony , it would have a Spanish and/or Dutch influence. Well in relation to the Spanish, there is actually influence, most of the natives speak Spanish! English and their own language Papimento. In relation to architecture , we didnt see any Spanish or Dutch influence, only a fake mill on Palm beach imitating the Dutch ones. There are many chalets in different colours and many American influenced buildings/restaurants.

Most beautiful beaches for me were: Baby beach (hard to find, you need to go by car) and Eagle beach. Palm beach is very nice if you want to have an infrastructure for toursits with plenty of sunbeds/water sports and small bars on the beach. It depends on what you are looking for.

Landscapes have a vulcanic vegetation : Cactus everywhere and beautiful divi divi trees ,which look like big Bonsais! I was fascinated by them specially!

Where to go on the island and hoe:

Best option is to rent a jeep. If there is no budget for a jeep, you can rent a car for 65 $ a day (this was the cheapest we found) but you will not be able to go through all the roads of the national park.

Dont miss : National Arikok park , natural bridge, the caves, Californian Lighthouse (go to see the sunset there and have dinner in the restaurant!)Eagle and Baby beach (good for snorkling!). For shopping or Casinos (There are plenty of them) you can go to Palm Beach or the capital: Oranjestadt. Do not expect good value shops , most of them are very expensive brands like Louis Vutton ! It was hard for me to find small typical pottery from the area!

To eat: There are loads of grills to eat meat but also diff restaurants from around the worldfor those who are not brave enough to taste some of the local dishes like turtle soup or iguanas (They told it tastes like chicken, I was actually eating chicken all the time so i hope they dont give me iguana instead!). I have to say that it was not easy to find places with local food where we stayed and they also told us that it was forbidden to cook the iguanas. (shame on them!)

Dont forget: Plug adaptor (like the one for U.s.a or Canada, will do) , Sun cream with very high protection (sun is very powerful there!), Mosquito repellent! (specially at night!), bring a good camera with you to take nice pictures of the sunset! (one of the most beautiful i have seen!), look for a hotel with internet (it's not easy to find internet connection, if you dont have it in your hotel), bring your driving licence ! (forget about renting a bike, as i wanted to, there are no bikers and it's a bit dangerous, traffic can get heavy on the island!).

My First time..

I had never seen iguanas before and I was fascinated by them ,running loose ! They only came out in the heat or at night and were not dangerous at all.

First time i was on a jeep on a dessert-like landscape! First time for Andres driving one, too! He did a good job, the American tourists that were in our jeep also agree, very nice couple celebrating their anniversary: Bob and Melanie.

First time i tasted the Daiquiri cocktail , tasty!! and sweet!!

First time i actually drank water on a Caribbean island, in Aruba it's safe to drink running water everywhere, it was fab!

First time i lay-down on a sun bed inside a swimming pool, i loved it! but i actually got a bit sun burn due to this.. it was so comfy..

First time I flew with Martinair, dont think it's going to happen again if i can avoid it..

First time on Curacao island, only at the airport but it looked very nice, similar to Aruba with the divi divi trees!

First time i saw Divi-divi trees!! spent time looking for one i saw on a book and we found it on eagle beach! fab!

First time i have heard Papimento language (couldn't understand a thing!) and first time i have met locals from Aruba, very nice people!!!

First time i see so many Italians on Aruba!! I didn't know it was so popular in Italy!! Even Berlusconi has a house there! From the rest of Europe there were only Dutch.

Aruba has also many offers for people who want to have a good time, drinking, there are drinking tours on boats and special buses from the island.

It's a very safe island, we could leave the bags on the bags on the beach and nothing happened, we didnt feel unsafe any time.

We had a great time, specially enjoyed the sunsets, beaches and jeep tour around the islands with the agency palm tours. If you want to see my best photos of the islands visit the following link:

As a conclusion, the island reminded me a bit of Lanzarote due to the vulcanic landscapes and although i liked the island, i dont think i'll be going back, it's definitely too expensive and to me, i prefer more authentic islands with true natives. I love Caribbean, who doesnt? but in the future, we will go to the Colombian Caribbean, it's half price, also safe and more authentic!!

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