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Yeah I have watched Eurovision contest 2011, so what?

More than 1100 songs have been performed in the history of Eurovision. This year, great show and hosting from Dusseldorf presented by Anke Engelke, Judith Rakers and Stefan Raab with a big budget. Anke as funny as usual (I used to watch her show when I lived in Germany), same for Raab, he even played the guitar and sang last year winning song(if i remember well he represented Germany once in Eurovision years ago..).

Almost 2 hours of performances with 25 countries.

Eurovision has gone mad!Most of the countries sang in English: Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina ,Russia,Germany,Romania, Austria, Azerbaijan , Stonia (I liked this song),Slovenia (a bit rockish style, too),Iceland,Denmark, Georgia, Ukrania ,Sweden,Switzerland, Moldovia ,Hungary... The French sang in Italian, Lithuanians sang in French and Italians sang in English,too. What's going on Europe? What's up with the amount of different languages that we have? Shouldn't we use them and promote them in our own Eurovision contest?

Only Serbia, Spain and Greece sang in their own languages! Well done in this respect!

Brief comments on the performances, let's start with the first 3 classified:

The winner song is from Azerbaijan, to be honest i dont even know where it you? the song didn't have any special for me and i kept thinking what was the song like since i didn't remember it! In my opinion Italy should have won, specially when they had Rafaella Carra for the votations! I haven't seen her for so long!! she still looks the same!

Italian jazz style song was very original but in my opinion they should have sang in Italian , which is a beautiful language! (second place!)

Swedish male singer very good looking but the song didn't convince me. (They got on third place!)

Greek sang in Greek but the song was horrible, however it got many votes (i wonder why??!!)

French guy sang very well but a horrible hair cut, he will not get a job as a hair gel TV advertiser.. and opera style is not really Eurovision material..

Russian singer looked like John travolta in Grease but in blonde, the song was catchy !

I loved U.k. song from consolidated band blue but I didnt like it on the Eurovision performance. The background while they were singing, a bit egocentric with their photos behind them. Hated the dresses and seeing themselves dancing in the screens again behind them ..uff

Moldova kind of ska song very original, loved the Simpson Marge hair style and the fairy with a trompet in pink although she was stealing a bit the protagonism of the singer lol

Slovenian's song was a bit Britney Spears/ Cristina Aguilera like ,she is very beautiful and has a strong voice but the song wasn't amazing..just o.k.. she still managed to get a good amount of points. I kept hearing Andres, "oh she is beautiful".

Lena, German singer very arrogant, didn't get the 5 dancers dressed like spermatozoids ! I'm glad she didn't win, specially due to the bad comments German tv made about Spanish song previous to the contest, o.k. it was crap but they are no-one to criticize it and their song was not that good as they thought, ad of course in English! Why they don't sing in German??!!! At least the Spanish singer sang in her own language, a crappy song but in Spanish lol.

Romanian group, hotel FM very pleasant song and looked like nice smiley guys.

I actually liked Stonia's song, too and they got very few votes, not sure if they were the last ones on the classification but close.

Who chose Austria's song to qualify..she is a cheap version of Witney Houston.. very boring..buu, her hair style looked as if she was wearing a helmet!

Spanish song, dont get the palm theme, horrible stupid song..gee, not surprise that we are in the 4 or 3 bottom countries (i stop looking at Spain classification at one point..)

Ukraine original performance with an artist drawing with sand diff siluettes .. beautiful! She reminded me of the Evanescence group. THey also got a lot of points! well done Ukraine!

Dannish rock style song, i didn't love it.. his hairstyle reminded me of my manager's, nothing bad about that, only a comment lol

The contest finished with Georgia's performance with kind of rock style song imitating Linkin Park, not my cup of tea to be honest... but the female singer was good.

Worse songs: Iceland, Greece, Spanish, Switzerland, Austria, Georgia and Serbia

Final votes:

Macedonia gave the first 4 points for SPain ,at that point i thought, o.k. at least we are not gonna have 0 points! and France gave Spain 12 points! (I was surprised about be honest..

The voting was very exciting, Ireland even got to be on the 4th place at one point, polemical Irish twins: "Jedward", who ended up in the 8th place. It has been talked about disappointment for Ireland but I think They did very well, even if they have many detractors, no doubt that they passionate, energetic, committed and their vocals were not that bad, at all!. It was hard to tell who was going to win! At one point I thought it was going to be Denmark, then Ukraine and then Azerbaijan started to get many more points than the rest. You could also comment live on the Eurovision facebook page (very entertaining lol i know i'm a freak!) and it was funny to see what people around Europe said about the different songs lol.

Denmark and U.k.gave 12 points to Ireland (Ireland only gave 6 points to u.k. lol), Poland only gave 1 point to Ireland (I was surprised about this..) and of course Portugal gave Spain 12 points (Thanx Portugal, you are deaf! but thanx!).

It had been a very entertaining show ,i only hope next year Spain chooses better our representative.. maybe we should sing in English too?? lol!! just kidding!!

Some of my favorite moments in video:

Check out the energetic performance of the Irish twins John and Edward! Even when Ireland voted for other countries, the Irish host was wearing a Jedward "wig" lol, love Irish!!

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