Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Movie Recommendation for superhero lovers: Thor (2011)

Class movie directed by Kenneth Branagh ! First time i have seen a film directed by him ,I only knew him and respected him as an actor, now I respect and admire him as a director! This film has mainly been made for 3D screens but we saw it in 2D because my eyes can't stand 3d movies, don't ask me why.Spite of this, we enjoyed the great effects, quick movements of cameras, iced villains and most importantly the gorgeous looking and my lover-platonic-to-be Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, playing the warrior Thor. GEE not even this time again Natalie Portman (she is in all movies this year..give me a break!!) could steal his protagonism, gee where has Chris been all these years??!! He reminded me a bit of Brad Pitt in his young times (only the face,of course..). Well but not only Chris was good, the film is entertaining, thrilling, exciting and even funny, sometimes. There is nothing i didn't like about it. WARNING: Please go and see it in the cinema, do not waste your time uploading it on your computer, this film is definitely to be seen on a big screen with popcorns!!

I'm not going to tell you much only that i loved the end and that i missed the small part when they give some info about the second part of this film, it happens when the credits are on the screen and people are just leaving, so stay a bit longer!! Some of my favorite parts were when Thor goes to earth and does not know how to behave himself and when his loyal friends go to pick him up on earth. And of course his brother, his father played by Anthony Hopkins and the iced villains! This film is one of those that makes you feel good at the end of it.

Of course you have to be into this type of superhero/comic style movie, otherwise do not go!

Thanx Andres for making me to go this film, i would not have gone on my own! I wanted to see Hanna, this is the next one on my list!

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