Sunday, 22 May 2011

Movie Recommendation: Julia's Eyes (Los ojos de Julia)! Go and see it!

Don't miss the opportunity to see this Spanish thriller in Dublin: " Los ojos de Julia" by Guillermo Morales and the main protagonist the well-known actress Belen Rueda (what a beautiful name,lol). You will need to read the subtitles because it's in Spanish but don't be put off because of this! If you are like me that many times couldn't even look at the screen, then you will need a translator to know what is going on but for me, unfortunately, I didn't need any and neither Andres jumping on the seat nor the intense music didn't help me not to get scared! There are some parts at the end where i had mixed feelings because i found them funny and im not sure if i was supposed to laugh lol, there was an Irish guy in front of me that started laughing because of my laugh. When you see it check the scene of the 2 hot teas , Belen and her carer and when she asked for sugar, that's the one when I started laughing lol. I also found a bit funny the appearance of the girl "Lia", you cannot see her face but only her legs and gee her legs looked very diabolic to me. Belen plays the role of Julia and her twin sister Sara. She plays it brilliantly (as usual,she is a very good actress!), it really looks as if she was blind!

I don't want to tell you anything about the plot just go and see it. Even if you don't love the film (i heard some bad criticism before going to see it from some people), i'm sure that you will be entertained! Last comment to finish i loved how the English subtitles used some euphemisms to translate Spanish swearwords like "joder" (meaning fuck!) when they translated as " jesus Christ" lol just the same !! I was so happy to be able to watch this Spanish movie, i miss so much being able to watch Spanish cinema..something different from the usual stuff! After this movie ended i still had chills and was scared of the light going off in the car park or somebody behind me chasing me , maybe because my name is like the actress: Belen.

What are you waiting for??? Dont think this Spanish will last long in the cinema, it's in Parnell now! GO and run!!

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