Saturday, 5 October 2013

Do not waste your time: Runner,Runner (2013) by Belén Delgado

If you ask me what was the worst of seeing this film, I'll give you 2 main reasons: The theme that I was not interested in: Online gambling and secondly, Ben Affleck playing the bad guy. In a way it was good to go and see this film to remind myself that I'm not going to see Batman if Ben Affleck is in it. NOOOO!!!! he can't act and I don't know what is he going to do with the beer belly you can see in "Runner,Runner".  He should have been the one running and not Justin! At one point, we started laughing , when he was supposed to be acting like being mean, throwing one guy to the alligators . On the other hand, Justin doesn't play that bad his role, and maybe because I'm biassed, i found that he was the best one acting in it. By the way, not very good publicity for Costa Rica : gangs, corrupted police  & poverty. And the guy at the ticket counter told us that this film had very good reviews... really? well not from me.., I know, I know, I'm just a simple spectator but as there is freedom of speech, I write what I feel when I go and see a film. Specially because my time is very valuable and I try to choose carefully what I want to see and seeing a film that I don't enjoy, makes me think why I didn't go to see the other movie I was thinking about..? ARG!! So run, run but in the other direction !

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