Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Social Network (2010)/ Movie about the origin of Facebook

I always have a constant desire for knowledge and in addition, a vivid facebook user like me, couldn't resist the temptation of going to watch "The social Network", a film about who and how the idea of facebook came out. The social netwrok page of facebook has already made history with 500 million users around 207 different countries in only 6 years. Only a genius, young, programmer mind could create it, this mind belongs to Mark Zuckerberg. It may be that the original grasp of the idea of facebook was not originally from him but he already had some inclinations towards networking at the university when he hacked into the university databases and grabbed pictures of different students to compare which one was hottest (some applications in facebook, still do this with celebrities). After this act, by the way, Mark was penalized for breaching the privacy of the Harvard university data (Can we trust him protecting our privacy in facebook with such records lol ?) and he said they should thank him for discovering the flaws of the privacy system Harvard.

It's funny to see how Mark came up with the idea of the relationship status and how the initial idea of "the facebook" was to meet other students and help to socialize for people like Mark, a bit shy and introvert according to what the movie showed.

Some people may criticise what Mark did to reached the top but no-one can deny his talent and ingenious mind, which has captivated millions of users, making him also the youngest billionaire in the world.

I'd say that the main protagonists of the film , like Jessen Eisenberg who has an impressive resemblance with the real Mark Z! his friend, Andrew Garfield , who in the end you feel sorry for.. and the cheeky "enterpreneur" Justin Timberlake roles were all very convincing! In a nutshell ,if you are really interested in the phenomenon of facebook and want to know a bit more about its short history, go and see the movie! don't expect to be blown away by it but at least to walk away knowing somethingelse that you didn't before watching the movie.

See you in my next humble review!

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