Monday, 30 July 2012

Magic Mike (2012) a film for Channing's female fans

All started when my mum and I wanted to go to the cinema in Blanch and then "Magic Mike" was in one of the screens (What a better option for 2 women who did not want to think much after a very long hard day?!!). We went to buy the tickets and before even saying the movie title the guy in the box office said smiling : "Magic Mike?". Gee I had to laugh, How did he know?!! I must have had a very smiley face. I have to admit that this was a movie that personally wanted to see since after "full Monty" I had not seen a group of strippers on a big screen lol for once someone in the movie industry thought that there are a bunch of women out there that also have the right to see hot guys dancing and stripping. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a pervert or anything, I'm just a XXIth woman that wants to have the same rights as men hehe. Well, they could have done a very nice movie, it had some potential : Hot guys, original and precise dance moves but no, I'm afraid that they did not do a good job. The quality of the film is poor, I know, some of you are not surprised, I didn't expect much either, just so see Channing in action (he is a very bad actor but he can dance and has the looks !). The dialogues were so simple and so stupid that sometimes I was even embarrassed to translate them for my mum although I think she liked seeing the strippers dancing lol It's actually the best part, just seeing some of the shows they perform. Of course Channing is the best one, he plays Mike. There was also a nice "discovery" for me, British cutie actor Alex Pettifer. Some of my favorite moments of the film are: The beginning with "It's raining men" with all the strippers dancing and the moment when Alex strips for the first time in the film (I know, not very intellectual..) To me, none of the actors in the film stood out due to their acting skills (They had other skills lol), only Matthew Mc Conaughey plays a very convincing and funny role, besides he keeps in shape , spite of being in his early forties. Can't say that much about the film, if you are a fan of Channing, this is a film about him, at least you will see him dancing (This is why I don't regret it, actually all guys should go and see it and learn to move his arse like him lol)! There is no more to it! Well you will see drugs, anger for money, stripping and some beautiful beaches and a few women in tits (this last one , I guess is in the film to keep all the boyfriends happy while their girlfriends check Channing and Alex out!!). Last question will be, Do I recommend this film? well there are 2 answers: "guys, don't go ,you will get upset once you see the way Channing moves.." and for women " well, if you want to see a bunch of strippers dancing "it's raining men" go!!

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