Monday, 6 August 2012

Movie recommended: "Ted" (2012), the toy every man would love to have lol by Belén Delgado

Since i saw the trailer of this film "Ted" I knew I had to see it, a film about an adult living with a talking  nasty teddy-bear that many men would love to have as a friend, this was promising! IT had to be funny and hell, yeah it was hilarious!! He is: Funny, nasty, womanizer, loves to drink and get high, playing nintendo games, farts etc  I haven't heard a cinema audience laughing so loud at the same time for a long time. Hottie  American actor Mark Walhberg plays an excellent role, an adult that does not want to grow up and who is attached to his very special teddy bear which was his only friend since childhood. His beautiful girlfriend in the film, actress from Ukraine, Mila Kunis (who you may remember from "Black Swan") has to put up with Ted being in the middle of her relationship all the time. Presenter of the "E" program "The Soup" plays also a small role as Mila's boss, it was great to see him in the film, he is so funny when I watch him on t.v. I don't want to tell you some of the funny jokes,you have to go and see it, I'll only tell you some of  the highlights for me: When John Benett (Mark Wahlberg) meets Flash Gordon at the party and they hang-out with Ted (LOL great!!), the scene about Ted getting hired and at the counter conquering the cashier (LOL great!!), the fight of John and Ted (Something you have never seen before a teddy bear fighting with its owner lol) and I could go on and on!! It went so fast!! And it even made me remember "Flash Gordon" I used to watch it when I was a kid myself! To me I give it a 100%!!! And no, don't take any kid to see this film, as I was saying before it's not a sweet little teddy bear but just the opposite! By the way, Andrés has asked me for a TED for his birthday!! noooooooo

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